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  • Liberty

    After reading a couple of posts about the growing apathy among the R&F JWs today I was reminded of the years following 1975 when the dropout rate was growing rapidly and the "faithful" die hards took it as a sign that the "End" was really really near since the winnowing process was removing so much chaff. Keep in mind that this was over 25 years ago. It's been mentioned before but it is worth repeating that, NO matter what is happening, religious fanatics(JWs) always see it as a sign from God. When the growth rate is fast it's a sure sign of old Jehover's blessing before His Day of Wrath and if the numbers are falling it's proof positive that Jehover is sifting out all the "false" Christians just before His Big "A" bird feast party.

    Today, after soooo many false alarms, I'm even wondering if the die hards still say these types of things or if they just are finally worn down past the point of caring/believing that Armageddon is really just around the corner? I would guess that even the most dim-witted die hard JWs are having a difficult time keeping up the energy needed to sustain the "mental gymnastics" for such an unsupported premise as "imminent destruction" after years of disappointment. I'm guessing the general apathy and poor results of field service reflect this. All evidence points to the World going on just as it has for billions of years.... but then again that's always the best time for God to strike, when we least suspect it. Baam! Like a thief in the night!... Once again, they can have it both ways: no evidence IS evidence, or "all the signs are fulfilled so we can clearly see that it must be near the End". This nutty back and forth has got to eventually take its toll on even the most "faithful" Witness. I've been out for years so I was hoping someone who is still in or has just left might fill us in on the general mood among your everyday JW in 2002.

  • Elsewhere

    My family is in it 100% - no doubts in their mind what so ever.

    I remember when I was in it I NEVER questioned anything. Granted, deep down, I didn't really believe any of it.

    I would read the books and magazines and plug it right in my brain. If there were any contradictions, I just brushed them aside.

    I think this ability is just in my family.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • 4horsemen


    The problem is that most of the die hards <drum roll please> are DEAD!

    What constitutes adult age? Well, if you are old enough to be drafted that's 18. Which means for 1975 to have had significant life impact you would have to have been born in 1957. Today you'd be closer to 50 than 40. Most people who are 50 are thinking about how many years they have left to work. Of course if you're a JW its moot. If your 50 you have to work 50 more years or you die.

    Whichever comes first.

    I think that if 1879 did not convince them, 1914, 1918, 1929, 1932, 1945, 1975, 1984, 1991, 1994,5, 9/11/01, 2002 Middle East, 2014. NOTHING will convince them. Unfortunately when they die, they'll still be unconvinced.

  • Liberty

    Hi Elsewhere,

    I understand this ability. I remember being able to do it, sometimes anyway, but it really took a toll on me. I really reached a point where I couldn't take it anymore. How can they keep it up for so long though? In "1984" Orwell talked about the abilty to do this kind of thing in order to avoid the Party's punishments. Brainwashing is a strange thing. I really pitty them.

  • teenyuck

    My mother, who is active, is planning on dying of old age. She finally admitted that she will probably live long (both her mother's and father's families died well into 80's, some 90's). She is 63.

    She is getting her financial afairs in order so we (my sis and me) won't have to fumble through the financial docs.

    This is a far cry from about 5 years ago....she had decided armageddon was around the corner and she picked out the Art Institute as her new home...after the holocaust! She actually told me that she told all the JW's she knew that she had first dibs on the AI!!! And they agreed!!!

  • Jourles

    For reasons beyond comprehension, my wife still believes it is very near. Always the talk about seeing so-and-so resurrected very soon in the new system.

    God help me.

  • metatron

    My family is deceived this way.

    It's the "isn't the world getting worse and worse" routine.
    When they say that, it speaks volumes about how narrow and
    marginalized they are. A big scary world they can't understand!

    Of course, there's some delightful hypocrisy here involving
    retirement. The very same elders who preach The End's
    nearness often contribute to an IRA plan or 401K - now
    that pensions have become rare - so they can be set
    financially if the big A doesn't come for twenty years
    or so.


  • TexSham

    they most feel the end is near when they most feel the holy spirit of jehovah

  • chappy

    Do a web search on "end times", "rapture", "last days", "end of the world" or countless other such phrases. You will find that JW's are far from unique in such beliefs. In fact there are many non-religious people holding the same view.


  • Outaservice

    The 'End' has already occured! It just was not as bad as everyone expected!

    Welcome to the 'New Order'.

    Outaservice (who survived 75, with hardly a scratch)

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