Pack your bags, you are going on a guilt trip!

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  • mpatrick

    "Pack your bags, mom's taking us on a guilt trip"-my favorite youngest brother

    How many of you out there get a regular guilt trip from your parents or anyone for that matter? I am beginning to think my mom is reigning Queen!

    Yesterday, her JW friend topped her by trying to tell me that she could tell I wasn't as happy as I was before (obviously before I left the Borg). This women hasn't seen me in years and no clue as to my happiness before or now! This is such a typical reply from JWs..."you couldn't possibly be happy outside of Jehovah's Organization". Well, after trying to convince her that I was, and her denying that I couldn't possibly be. I finally told her that if it made her feel better to believe that, then go ahead, but that I felt I was happier!

    Isn't that what matters, that I think I am happier? Afterall, she thinks she is happy, and I don't see it!

    P.S. It is gorgeous here in Cincinnati today, 80's and Sunny! Two weeks ago, there was snow on the ground!


    He does not believe who does not live according to his belief.-Thomas Fuller

  • Elsewhere

    I wonder if a psychologist would diagnose JWs with projecting their own feeling on others.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
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  • Gurdeep Manashankar
    Gurdeep Manashankar

    congratulations and also let me me say that I am so thrilled to realise you are doing very well. I must admit that it is a very strange part of human behavior that will believe the others must see things our way and of course it has led to great suffering today and always. Also if you live the good life and reach a good status it will show that there is some life when the watchtower is gone and more than that. Perhaps you will show them this forim but of course it will not be read because the watchtower of course must be in control. Tell me why is this?

  • Princess

    The only way they can cope with their own unhappiness is to say that we are obviously worse off. I always flash them a big smile to let them know, and when I run into someone who will actually speak to me I let them know we are all great! Never better! Freaks them out. They like to think we are miserable, just like you said to your mom's friend.

    It is about 50 and raining here in Edmonds. Totally sucks but should be sunny by Thursday!


  • Seeker4

    I'm with you Princess. I always try to show that I'm feeling great and looking happier than ever when I run into the JWs. Saw an elder last week I hadn't seen for a few years. Older brother, and we talked for a few minutes. He told me: "You look terrific, and younger than when I last saw you!"

    That one surprised me. Then there are the ones that just assume you must be miserable without the "truth." If they only knew how wonderful it is to be out from under all that after all these years.

    S4 - feeling better than ever - and no guilt.

  • BQE

    Hey all!

    I've been through this sooo many times. My mother is either not convinced that I am *really* happy, or she thinks that my happiness has to do with "inmorality" and being a part of satan's wicked old system instead of the big J's organization.......and the whole shpiel about the wide and confortable road vs. the long and difficult this "system" can't bring true happiness.....and then the "mother hen".....blah blah blah [}

  • BeautifulGarbage

    I have a JW cousin that I have reconnected with about 18 months ago.
    We hadn't seen each other in over 20 years because of the shunning of my Mother by her Mother, a JW fanatic.

    She had been DF'd but got reinstated so that her very large family will be comfortable around her. So, she does just enough to keep her family off her back.

    Anyway, she loves to come and visit us Apostates. She tells me that she is free to be herself without the disapproving glares that she would get from her immediate family. I tend to be very candid and upfront when I talk and to her it's like a breath of fresh air. We laugh, get outrageous, and have a grand old time.

    The difference seems to be that we don't wear the JW mask. The necessity of always watching ones back, even with family. We accept her just the way she is. Are we happier than our JW relatives? From what I see and understand, that is a big affirmative.


  • expatbrit

    Or how about the old gem: "you may think you're happy, but you're not really!" Sigh.


  • jschwehm

    I know what it is like. I can remember when this couple left the JWs. They became very active and popular in the community since they went back to singing like they had done in the past. The JWs said that Satan was blessing them for leaving the JWs.

    Then when some other person left the JWs and went off the deep end into drugs and such, that was an example of how unhappy people become when they leave "the troof".

    So, you really cannot win.

    Jeff S.

  • LizardSnot

    I see it time and time again.
    JW's live in there own fantasy world..where they see things that dont exist and dont see things that are right in front of them.
    Your mom's friend just wants to believe that you arent that she can comfort herself in knowing that you long to come back to Jah's org.

    As I've said of the best ways to get rid of an unwanted JW is to speak in low growls and roll your eyes back into your head.
    Make sure to practice in front of a mirror first.


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