Mays JW TV Broadcast/Your feedback is appreciated

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  • LisaRose

    The only difference now between the GB and televangelists like Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson and the like is that they were at least somewhat entertaining while begging for money. People gave because they made it feel good to give. With the GB you are supposed to pony up and yet still feel guilty.

    I think they have made a huge mistake in making these broadcasts. The emperor has no clothes and now everyone can see it.

  • paradisebeauty

    Wow, fredo, you are so right.

    In light of my recent research about all that has been said and done by the people who ruled this organisation over the years, I ask myself: do those people have no fear of God?!

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Mister Stephen Lett, one of the seven WT popes, is asking for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and MONEY again. With his smile in the shape of a moneybox's slit he is the most capable to do it. My God ! What an hypocrisy !

  • flipper
    WT is getting desperate for $$$$ . And greedier for more $$$$$ . I see this beckoning for money increasing. I mean who of us ever would have thought they would have JW's contribute via ATM or credit cards at assemblies ? When that started it shocked me from how I knew the organization as a young boy growing up in it. Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • yodastar

    Hey does anyone have a link to this May broadcast? Could not find it. Thanks

    Edit - found it! Smug sort of fella is Lett and kinda creepy but I would love to give them some $$$ - not.

  • yodastar

    That made me sick. I've not ventured into a corrupt hall for 18 years and I know why.

    oops my bad - as Gomer said , 'ooh your going straight to hell for that one'

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