How about an Overseer for the Elderly??

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  • Mulan

    Nathan, I think they know Mom has no money. She is becoming a problem to them, as I am now too. I told her yesterday, they will figure out a way to eliminate the problem. She agreed with me!!!

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • Bodhisattva

    At my last hall there was an elder assigned for this purpose. He was about retirement age himself, and though in generally good health, somewhat gaunt. Such are the vagaries of the English language that when referring to him and his special duties from the platform, he was more than once referred to as "our elderly and infirm overseer" - which brough some guffaws - instead of "overseer for the elderly and infirm."

  • ozziepost

    There have been some congregations here in Oz which have assigned a MS to care for the sick and elderly. Usually a compassionate soul who's willing to do it when all the others aren't!


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

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