Touchstones of reason failed by Mormonism

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  • adamah

    Qcmbr, thanks for the link: I'll check it out.

    Qcmbr said-

    and are simply falling back to testimony statements ('I feel the spirit', 'I know its true' etc.)

    Sure, using only internal validation (eg appeals to personal intuition) works for so adherents of other religions; I don't see why it wouldn't work for Mormons, too, at least until they realize it's a flawed premise for oh, so many reasons. :)

    Ironic really, as on the one hand Christians are told not to trust their internal flawed moral compasses, hence why they need to rely on God's superior moral laws. But isn't an appeal to intuition basically the same, since it's claiming to trust one's instincts and feelings (eg "it just rings true or makes sense to me"), which are admittedly flawed, in the first place?

    In the end, although education is not the complete answer (as discussed by my 'seer stones' comment), I'm leaning towards the power of education (Logic 101, Human Psychology 101, etc) to reduce dependence on fantastic thinking.

    It's interesting to watch the process occur in others, with changes slowly taking place over time as people free themselves of false unproven (and unprovable) assumptions. Certainly any belief system that includes magic underwear, 'everyone gets their own Planet!', and seer stones is sorely in need of a dose of rationalism and skepticism since it's Achille's Heel is the same as Christianity: they both profess a belief in the Torah/Tanakh.


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