Catholic Cardinal Says Adam and Eve Didn’t Exist

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  • designs

    You mean Pope Francis I could have stayed home.

  • *lost*

    umm doesn't that make the whole system defunct ?

    The church should just shut up shop then, and stop lying, cheating and misleading people, like they have done for 2,000 yrs.

    I know many catholics who have no time for the church, but still have faith and belief.

  • cofty

    A literal interpretation of the bible is a modern development and a minority view among christians

    Not all christians worship an ancient book.

  • designs

    Then why?

  • rmt1

    What? HOW do JWs explain the age of the universe with Genesis?

    Universe Older Than Previously Thought

    And do these sage individuals that Jehovah knows by name and has entrusted with deep insight have anything to say about the mystery of dark matter? That would be a great day if then was finished the great mystery of what makes up most of the mass of the universe. Perhaps the panda cartoons have massive observatories cleverly hidden behind the wheel barrows.

  • Terry

    I applaud the Church for making honest open public statement but we all see how little effect it has on the immaturity and intellectual shallowness of

    people who are desperately addicted to simple storytelling backed up by insuperable authority.

    The more rational the Church becomes in a Post-Enlightenment society the greater the need for its members to take a step

    back to examine why it has been necessary for them to be told a story in the first place.

    I always cringe when I hear people unaccustomed to thinking about religious matter ask: "Well, where did everything come from, then?"

    99.99% of everything that has ever lived is extinct and that isn't much of a success rate.

  • Patrick45

    Faith is a precious gift for those who have it. Those who dont believe, say its stupidity. There are also those who are not sure what to think. Why cant we just get along with each one another? Why at regular intervals in history the believers get persecuted and killed? We will always be the weak part in this world and you will always seem to have power over our fate. At the end of time all things will be clarified. Until then, everyone is free to chose. I have chosen. I stick with God and pray for all of you.

  • rmt1

    I would call faith the rational confidence that for two equally probable outcomes, the better outcome will occur. It's not just a fight or flight response - it's somewhat reserved and contemplative, like you can feel it coming on. The reason I call it rational is that even if it is not mathematically rigorous, it satisfies the existence proof. It has, in its nonmathematical way, ensured survival for a subset of life forms. It does this by insuring risk that in the absense of such faith, and to all rational appearances, would not sound prudent. It takes risk to make gains. Even playing by the rules of society is risk, and requires faith. People of a civilized society all operate by at least a little faith. People who defer the gratifications of biological, demonstrable life until a post-biological afterlife of course require a greater faith, to underwrite the greater risk. It would be a tall order to demonstrate conclusively that persons attacking the insolent dogma of TWS are lacking in all faith of all kind. Some may be ok with notions of a superior lifeform. I daresay I have quite a great deal of faith that the species will persist, survive, thrive, and venture up and out of this garden of eden, earth. This faith keeps me going in the face of what you see on the news. It is not a scientific faith.

  • cofty
    Why at regular intervals in history the believers get persecuted and killed? - Patrick

    Because believers in particular myths often think it a virtue to persecute people who adhere to a different set of myths.

  • GromitSK

    Yes, god does seem a bit insecure doesn't he?

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