Questions About Paradise

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  • jw07

    Before you knew The Truth About the Truth, did you stop to think about the aftermath of Armageddon were it to happen NOW?

    1. Almost 8 million JWs (0.11%) left alive out of 7 BILLION+ people, or 875 bodies to bury per person left alive. How do you stave the scavengers off?

    2. Are the bodies burned? Are they buried? Are they broken down physically (disgusting) and distributed as ‘manure’ to ‘ help make the earth a paradise again’?

    3. According to Watchtower doctrine; man needs 1000 years to gain perfection. Wouldn’t the billions of decomposing bodies be the greatest health risk in the history of mankind and pose a threat to people NOT YET PERFECT?

    4. Higher education is strongly discouraged. Ok, how the hell do JWs deal with serious sickness and injuries since they are not yet ‘perfect’?

    5. With billions of ‘bad’ people suddenly dead what the hell happens to nuclear plants that need constant monitoring? What the hell happens when the control rods start going critical in hundreds of nuclear plants all over the world? Imagine Fukushima x 600, with a set of unskilled, unintelligent, goody too shoes, emasculated, indoctrinated lemmings left over to save the day.

    6. What happens when satellites die, decay, and begin to fall out of orbit with no damn warning?

    7. What happens to all the unexploded ordinance left over from modern wars? (land mines, unexploded bombs, IEDs etc)

    8. Who is going to drive those abandoned M1A1, tough as nails, and full of depleted uranium shells tanks out of the way of JW settlements? HOW will they be destroyed? Melt them down, ok, so what about the depleted uranium lingering in the materials? I sure wouldn’t want that metal near my home.

    9. The nuke subs at sea, what the hell happens to those???

    10. Will everyone be naked or wear clothes? Will people be resurrected with or without clothes on?

    11. Isn’t ‘paradise’ the ultimate melting pot for creating the ultimate rape-fest? Everyone physically active, bodies on the way to ‘perfection’ and being healthier than they are now: sexual stamina should be alive and kicking in everyone with the physical strength take what they want from whomever they want.

    12. How will bioweapons, nuclear weapons, and chemical weapons storage facilities be neutralised?

    13. Will there be electricity? How will it be generated?

    14. If the intricate chain of worldwide food transportation is disrupted for a couple of days people begin to starve. What happens when all the ‘bad’ people who delivered food at the proper time die off? Will the JWs know how to fly planes, where to deliver, what to deliver, and in what amount? Oops, I almost forgot: foods need to be MANUFACTURED, PACKAGED and PRESERVED first. Good luck with mastering and coordinating those before everyone starves.

    15. Imagine for a second brothers in lets say…Cayman starving because most of the land mass is covered with BODIES. How will JWs know to deliver food and in what amount if there is no electricity?

    16. If this fictitious story of paradise were actually true, what is to prevent people from waking up, thinking WHAT THE HELL did I survive into and start a killing spree with left over carbines and grenades? If they had military experience an apache helicopter would be a lovely culling tool against JW settlements.

    What are some of the things you thought about in relation to the paradise fairy tale?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Dude, magic! Jehovah will provide manna and shut down the powerplants. And JWs don't run off and fornicate! They are not like those terrible, lustful worldly people! Duh!!

    And opinions are divided as to wearing clothes in the paradise...

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Actually, putting silliness aside, I really wondered what form art and literature would take, since the best of those things comes from suffering, religion, and exploration of the fundamentally flawed human condition. With suffering and religion gone and the human condition made perfect, literature would become dull, two dimensional and boring. Art would become craft (nothing wrong with that but would no longer be an expressive medium).

    I really feared for art and literature. I would no longer be able to read the great works of the past.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Seriously though, I really wondered how art and literature would fare. Since those things are born from religion, suffering, conflict, tension and the exploration of the fundamentally flawed human condition, I feared they would become dull and two dimensional. There'd be nothing to write about, and the only point to art would be to make pretty pictures. Also, these things require imagination, and since the JW religion discourages imagination and fantasy, art and literature would die except for the type approved by the WT today.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Sorry about the multiposts. I thought my first one got deleted.

  • Ucantnome

    i didn't think the dead would be a problem anymore than the dead after the flood of Noah's day.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I always understood it that our bodies would be perfect 1 second after the Big A but it is our minds and hearts that take 1,000 years to reach perfection thus disabilities would be cured and aging would be reversed gradually...

    That would sort out any disease issue since the body is perfect from day an elder told me when I queried it...

    Of course, no scriptural proof for any of this...

  • gingerbread

    Look at the 2013 JW calendar. It's fully illustrated with scenes from the '1000 Year Reign'.

    The only problem is that none of this stuff is in the Bible. It's pure fantasy. And the average, WT worshipping person believes this to be factual and true.

    I've heard people - when they got the calendar - trying to 'unlock' the secret meanings hidden in the illustrations...


  • Bella15

    Something that I noticed when I read the New Testament by myself (without Watchtower CORPORATION glasses) is that if you read the gospels, acts of the apostles and the letters from the apostles, one don't end up with the idea of living in a paradise here on earth ... in the original old testament I think the word paradise appears a few times and always in different context than the Watchtower CORPORATION put it ...

  • scubajetlee

    from what i heard most of the bodies would be cleaned up from the birds and we wouldnt

    need all that other stuff cause there god will have it all taken care of

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