Have The JWs Changed All That Much In The Last 20 Years All That Much?

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  • minimus

    A`cult is a cult.

  • Vidiot
    gingerbread - "Armageddon will arrive in the immediate (yet indefinite) future."

    "...immediate (yet indefinite)..."; I love that, it sums it up so well.

  • slipnslidemaster

    Well they aren't members of the UN anymore...so they have that going for them.

  • sd-7

    Well, now that you mention it, I've just got to make a list of stuff off the top of my head:

    1. The separating of the sheep and goats will happen at the end of this system--the preaching work ain't doing it.
    2. "This generation" is actually the generation of wicked people living at any one time.
    3. Blood fractions are A-ok if your conscience accepts them. More or less.
    4. The calling of the anointed did not end in 1935, there's no cutoff date.
    5. "This generation" is actually the anointed.
    6. "This generation" is actually the anointed whose lives overlap with the anointed who saw 1914.
    7. The "faithful slave" is the anointed at HQ, 'closely associated with the Governing Body'.
    8. The "faithful slave" was appointed in 1919 but won't be appointed over 'all his belongings' until Armageddon and etc.
    9. No more Book Study; now it's the Congregation Bible Study, shortened by half and held at the KH.
    10. Book Study Groups are now Field Service Groups.
    11. Family worship/study is now Family Worship, Big F, Big W.
    12. In vitro fertilization is fornication if the sperm doesn't come from your husband.
    13. Looking at woman-on-woman porn is a DF'ing offense.
    14. The Internet is dangerous--it has porn and apostates on it. To avoid that, stick with Watchtower.org.
    15. The Internet is a useful tool for spreading the good news of the Kingdom. Still has porn and apostates, though. Go to JW.org only.
    16. The Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook was replaced by 'Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education'.
    17. The Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life book was replaced by What Does the Bible Really Teach?
    18. Organized To Accomplish Our Ministry was replaced by Organized To Do Jehovah's Will.
    19. Sing Praises to Jehovah was replaced by Sing to Jehovah.
    20. The Public Talk is 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes.
    21. Auxiliary pioneers have to make 50 hours a month instead of 60 hours.
    22. Regular pioneers have to make 70 hours a month instead of 90 hours.
    23. Auxiliary pioneers can make 30 hours a month instead of 50 hours (pilot program, I forget if that's permanent now).
    24. The Watchtower was separated into Public Edition and Study Edition. The Study Edition was...simplified...as the Simplified Edition.
    25. The Watchtower and Awake! magazines given to the public were reduced to 16 pages.
    26. Dramas are now made on DVDs instead of VHS tapes. Some can even be watched via the Internet or downloaded as MP4 files.
    27. Audio magazines/books are now on CD or even MP3 formats.
    28. Kids now have new heroes, Caleb and Sofia, as part of the 'Listen, Obey and Be Blessed' childrens' cartoon series.
    29. The presiding overseer is now called the coordinator of the body of elders (I prefer COBOE).

    Wow, that was fun. Nah, they haven't changed anything. If anything, our personal view of the truth has changed. Why are you murmuring against Jehovah's wonderful organization?


  • slipnslidemaster

    SD-7, THAT was comprehensive! Thanks!!

  • nonjwspouse

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