This is just one of the morons that run a country ,Peter Garrett ex midnite oil lead singer.

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  • karter

    Peter garrett is definitly a can short of a slab.

    The Australian goverment and the new South Wales forestery service were presenting an alternative for the NSW sheep farmers for controling the dingo population.

    It seem years of the sheep farmers useing tryed and true methods like shooting them and traping them,Peter Garrett environmental minister and NSW forstery service and other tree hugging greenies had a more humane solution.

    They proposed the animals be captured alive and the males be castrated and wait for it let loose again.

    Therefore the dingo population woul'd be controled.

    This was actually proposed to the NSW sheep farmers association.

    Finally one of the old boys at the back stood up and tiped his hat back and said "Son i don't think you understand our problem,The dingos aren't Fucking our sheep they are eating them!!!!"

    There was a roar of laughter as Garrett,NSW forestery service and Green tree huggers leaft the room "Very Sheepishly"

    You couldn't make this up.


  • rebel8

    Why do you object to birth control instead of killing the dingoes?

  • MrFreeze

    I like the band Midnight Oil but I don't know anything about his politics.

  • sooner7nc

    This is a tired old joke. Here in the states it's coyotes.

  • karter

    sooner7nc,its not a joke!!!!!!!!

  • Tiktaalik

    Before you get too steamed up, Karter, check out

    Your story has been around at least since 2002 and originated in the USA, but with coyotes as the pest animal.

    That's a long time before Pete Garrett even entered the parliament.

    Your breathless story of Garrett's incompetence is nothing more than an urban myth.

    So I think on this one at least, you owe the man an apology.

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