MONEY!! I want more of it.... any ideas??

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  • Comatose

    Craigslist and offer massages.

  • garyneal


    Any pointers on how to learn to invest? How do you download think or swim? Do I need money to start with?

  • Bella15

    I am a geriatric care manager on the side ...look into elderly care opportunities.

  • Bella15

    Lol @ comatose

  • Bella15
    Bella15 is one place to start investing money...

  • ABibleStudent

    wallsofjericho - I suppose I could get better with investing. I have always dabbled with MF's but not so with stocks. I would definitely be interested in some aggressive investing so $500 wouldn't hurt too bad if I lose it all. I doubled my money at the casino a few months back so what the hell....

    Hi wallsofjericho, Just deposit the $500 to open an account wth TDAmeritrade so that you can download the ThinkorSwim software for friee. Don't put any of your money at risk for at least one year until you have watched a lot of SwimLesson chats about investing and trading. SwimLessons are archived 5 days a week for 3 hrs/day and can be accessed for up to 2 weeks after they are recorded. Investing is not easy and has risks. You will be spending a lot of time learning how to invest/trade.

    Use the PaperMoney option of the ThinkorSwim software to place trades that do not put any of your money at risk. Use the Live Trading option to listen to the Chats and to use the On Demand option of ThinkorSwim to accelerate your learning of new strategies without putting any of your money at risk.

    To start an account with TDAmeritrade go to After you have an account with TDAmeritrade you can download the ThinkofSwim software from the TD Ameritrade website by searching for ThinkorSwim.

    If you have more questions about downloading/using ThinkorSwim, start a new thread or post a comment to this thread. If you have questions about investing start a TD Ameritrade account and talk with an account representative and/or listen/participate in the Chats using the ThinkorSwim software.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • prologos

    An expert said invest in a no fee, follow the market funbd, do not try to beat the market

    look at the numbers over the years. it is up.

    always buy low. dont pay retail.

    get a good accountant.

  • free2beme

    Prostitution, selling drugs and perhaps murder for hire?

  • DeWandelaar

    Play poker :P

  • BluePill2

    free2beme: LOL. Most of these are more difficult than you might think! Prostitution: the prices resemble the markets, here in Europe they are down, down, down, because any "neighborhood girl" is now into this (google Greece, Spain or Portugal & Prostitution!). This is a service market that responds to supply and demand. And right now the supply is over the top, hence drop of prices. The same goes for drugs. I meet a drug seller the other day (street seller) and he said he will go back to selling newspapers because there is so much competition and the demand is down (this is Europe, some countries have legalized drug consumption if it is for your own use).

    Here is what has worked for me - no affiliation or anything. I gave this link to a couple of people and so far they are extremely happy. Some have started with as little as 50 US$. > Trading meets Social networking. You deposit money. Copy the most successful traders and they trade your account for you. There are security features to limit the risk. Very easy to use. Platform is really for "dummies". You can chat and talk in real time with the traders and learn why and how they trade. Really neat. You can also trade with "monopoly money" to test it out. Once you're there check out this guy: caraj51 (you can search for him). He is top notch, makes me in average 5 US$ per day on a 100 US$ account. Some days nothing, others more, but pretty reliable.

    I've tried freelance jobs on, but you are being hit by the globalization and the crisis everywhere (competing with guys from Bangladesh and India that know tons of programming languages for 1-3 US$ per hour. Not funny. Unless you want to hire people there and resell their jobs for a higher price in the US. That is something that I will look into. Opening a service office, get jobs from small to mid-size companies and hire your team on sites like / / etc.)

    Hope this helps. I use etoro myself, but always looking for more opportunities (my account there is too small yet). Wish you good luck. We will need it...

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