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  • Nosferatu

    "Ours is the God of true prophecy, What he fortells comes to be"

    I don't know if this song is in the new "Scream at Jehovah" songbook, but I always found this lyric odd even when I was in. It seems to imply that there are many Gods and not just one.

    Anyone else ever think that?

  • Phizzy

    The Lyrics have changed "Ours is the God of dud prophecy, the GB tells us all what will be".

    There is a footnote to this line that says : "And if it does not come to be, the GB will change the meaning".

    Oh, I wish.

  • cantleave

    I hate you!!! It's going around my brain now.......

    Yes it is a wierd lyric, but it is taken from a scripture which makes the same implication.

  • Phizzy

    And yet..... See Punkies thread asking for a prophecy (that was truly a prophecy), that actually came true, many pages of posts, not one prophecy.

    So, the JW's God of Prophecy actually has to deliver one, we are waiting.

    By the way, get rid of the "earworm" by singing Happy Birthday, which will be sung properly for you on November 2nd, appropriately, All Saints Day, so Cantleave is a Saint !

  • mrquik

    I've been out over 5 yrs. & still have these tunes pop up from time to time. I still remember tunes from the little green songbook. Gotta play more AC/DC & Black Sabbath.

  • blondie

    ask a jw: what religion are you: always I'm a Jehovah's witness (or one of if you are an old-timer)...almost never, I'm a Christian although Jesus' followers came to be known that by "divine providence" in the first century. Jesus said his followers would be witnesses of him (Jesus) in Acts 1:8 and all the other references in the NT are to "witnesses of Jesus" not "witnesses of Jehovah."

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