Attention Lurkers, newbies and fence sitters and shunned ones!!!!

by Crazyguy 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • ABibleStudent

    If you feel that the WTBTS is honest and has the "Truth", start comparing what the WTBTS's Watchtower and Awake! appear to cite as scriptural quotes to a Bible. I find about 10% of the time that the WTBTS attempts to add words or cite only part of a verse to make it appear as a full scriptural quote to justify their position. If the WTBTS has the "Truth", why are they adding words to the scriptures in the Watchtower and Awake!. If you want to broaden your critcal thinking skills, you can use to compare the WTBTS's quotes to several bibles online without buying a Bible.

    Also, you can use Biblegateway to search for keywords in the Bible. Just for fun, search for "Where shall we go", "Where else shall we go", and "To whom shall we go". I feel that most Christians would prefer to respond with "Jesus Christ".

    Peace be with you and to everyone, who you love,


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