The Life Of The Buddha: BBC Documentary

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    There are differences as well between Jung's approach and the Eastern ways. Jung absolutely requires the ego to maintain its existence. We do not transcend the ego - we incorporate the ego; the ego simply becomes subordinate to the Self. The ultimate goal for Jung is not total consciousness with an absence of problems or strife. With each new level of consciousness achieved comes a new burden. The process of individuation is never complete. Remember Jung is an empiricist; he deals only with what can be known, and this prevents him from entering the realm of metaphysics. We cannot bring to consciousness everything that is unconscious; we can only work toward that goal.

    For the Buddha, everything that needs to be known can be known and liberation can be achieved. With liberation comes bliss and an end to suffering. Tantric Buddhists believe this liberation is achievable in one lifetime. Ananda (bliss) can be found right here, right now. Jung, by contrast, did not believe complete individuation, attaining complete wholeness, is possible.

    But one thing Jung and the teachers in the East would agree upon. Jung complained, "…still too few look inward …" [1] Today there are many people suffering psychic pains who are advised to seek solace in drugs. Taking an antidepressant, or even stronger drugs, is a lot easier than svadhyaya, looking inward. And for some this may be helpful, but there are many who have turned inward - many of these people are using the modern tools of cognitive behavioral therapy to help them cope with the challenges in their lives.

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    Thanks for comparing buddha and jung.

    Often, its not the perfection of the idea that helps a person. Often, its the way the idea is presented. Buddha and jung probably had the same idea at the core. Jungs approach likely works better for a westerner. My view, i don't believe that they have totally destroyed their egos, without them ever coming back to life. There is a test for that. Try to make them angry. If it cannot be done, then maybe, their ego is gone.


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    Is it correct that the Buddha statue has a swastika mark on his chest ?

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    The swastika mark is an ancient mark... Hitler only borrowed it from earlier times

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    Thanks for posting the videos, but I can't help but wonder what The Buddha would have to say about what Buddhism has become today, as represented by these types of "followers"?


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