How many Governing Body members have secret accounts on this forum?

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  • slimboyfat

    How many of them do you think have secret accounts on this discussion board? Could it be just a couple of the younger ones or all of them or none of them or do they get others to read and post on the forum on thei behalf. I saw in a news article that you can hire social media and Internet agents to manage your online profiles on your behalf. But no one knows who the Governing Body are so how would that work, if it is secret, is what I'm thinking.

  • darthfader

    I think that these emperors have no clothes and would not care to listen to anyone who would say otherwise. So my answer is 0...

  • jookbeard

    wasn't there stories about Jaracz and his crazy wife posting here

  • John_Mann


  • Finkelstein

    You've got to be kidding ... right ?

  • Phizzy

    I think that it is highly unlikely any of the eight have even heard of this forum. They are like Royalty, figureheads to please the masses.

    The business minded guys who actually run the whole thing really could not afford the risk that one of these guys goes "rogue" (apostate) and starts to go public before he can be DF'd and therefore silenced.

    And lets face it, just a short time reading various posts on here, both current and in the archive, could make the whole House of Cards that is the JW/WT teaching and practice fall down flat.

    No, the GB will have been persuaded that it would be insanity for them to go on-line to any dodgy sites as this could easily become public knowledge, and the R&F's faith in them shattered.

    I do firmly believe that the policy/doctrine/New Light makers read all such sites, and try to counter what we say, and pre-empt our observations having the full effect by bringing in "New Light" as required.

    The over-lapping generation, the new explanation of the FDS etc are examples of this, cynical moves to spike the guns of Apostates, and keep the WT Scam-posing-as-a-religion going, and the $$$ rolling in.

  • Mary

    I doubt any of the Slobbering Body members actually have accounts on here but some of their underlings obviously do. I remember a few years ago when someone posted a link to the new Elders' Manual on here. I believe Simon got a notice from someone that it was to be taken down immediately (maybe Simon can confirm this?) due to copyright infringement.

    While I doubt they spend hours and hours on here, Crooklyn almost certainly has a few of their henchmen who come on here to see what we know (usually before the R&F do) and probably with regards to any lawsuits or reports in the media about Witness pedophiles. They probably report back to the powers that be that we more or less make mincemeat out of their crazy doctrines, while the GB can only sit there in impotent rage that we're not living in the Good Ol' Days of ancient Israel where they could have all us 'apostates' murdered.

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Well said Mary

  • frankiespeakin

    Judging from their higher education ban for all rank and file I would probably think that most GBs are computer illiterate and don't have any substancial internet presents, I'm sure they keep all contact with the world in general to a minimum.

    I'm sure Stephan Lett's talk about listening to the voice of strangers expresses the sentiments of mostly all of the Governing Body, so that they just stick their heads in the sand because they are afraid to see what is comming. What we should expect of those in denial about the facts that this corporation is way past its half life because it is based on wishful thinking and delusions of grandure.

  • steve2

    I do not think that the individual GB members care enough to bother to read what's on this forum. You perhaps wildly over-estimate their interest in what "apostates" are really saying and doing.

    The GB smugly spout the same old misinformed garbage about what so-called disgruntled ones are saying.

    Ray Franz was a rare breed: He cared more about humanity than he did dogma. I would love to be proved wrong on this - so find me another current GB member like Ray and I will eat a mountain of dog-eared Watchtowers for being wrong.

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