Greetings from an anonymous convention city.

by ctrwtf 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gayle

    GB then weren't concerned for the rank and file's health or well-being, and they aren't now.

    But they may be concerned about lawsuits now, thus smaller crowds, indoors, no meals or refreshment foods available, fewer days, fewer hours, etc.

  • Jeannette

    Yes, that's right, Gayle. Back in the 80's sometime, we were assigned to St Louis to the open air baseball stadium. A spiritual sister, my 2 boys, and myself drove all that way, and it was so hot in St. Louis that week! Being new in the truth (tm), and inexperienced at sitting all day long in the hot sun, we didn't take any umbrellas or containers for water. The Sister and one of my sons got heat sick, if there is such a word. They were moved to under the bleachers. My other son and I toughed it out. My sons were so happy to see all the baseball memorabelia there at that particular convention. I'm glad of that.

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