JW Experience From High River, Alberta

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  • Bangalore

    This is an Email that I recieved.

    JW Experience From High River, Alberta.

    Thought you would enjoy the following experience from High River Alberta

    Today's 2pm meeting for the High River congregation with Disaster Relief Committee was incredible! First the members of the committee introduced themselves and talked about each of their roles. Then... they said the following:

    Every family will have 2 brothers assigned to them to help them through everything - right from when they first go back to see their homes. These brothers will fill out all the forms and paperwork re the assessment, take all the pictures and make sure that whatever you qualify for in the way gov't funding is provided - right to the penny. If someone decides they don't want to see their house until it's been cleaned up, that's ok, these 2 brothers will look after everything for you until you're ready.

    An elder was told by someone that his landlord was demanding the rent money and he didn't have it. The relief committee said, they're on it - they will check into tenant's rights and deal with whatever the need - if it happens that the rent has to be paid, it will be paid. They said they are taking hundreds of phone calls, holding back the floodgates of brothers who want to help in any way they can - that whatever your need (need, that is) there's a brother somewhere who can accommodate it. Over and over they were stressing that they didn't want the brothers to worry about anything! Kelsey said EVERYONE was crying - just completely overwhelmed by this, Jehovah's organization, thinking of everything!!

    They said they have all the funding already to rebuild everyone's home - not the TajMahal but a functional, habital home that they can move back into. Each families needs will be cared for on a personal basis according to their need.

    Also, since the cloak room is now over flowing with donations and bags/boxes that haven't even been sorted through yet, the brothers are going to provide a 40' long trailer? type thing where brothers can come whenever they want to get what they need.

    Kelsey said now there's everything from shampoo, diapers, makeup, shoes, everything! Brothers were coming out saying - do you like my suit - so many suits! So practical and just what they all need

    Remember Corey, whose Dad isn't in the truth but was shown such hospitality by the Bell's - Corey and his dad are staying with a family in Calgary who are housing several families and it doesn't matter that nobody knows him or that he's not a witness AND he's been to every mtg since. Last night at service mtg Kelsey asked Corey how his dad was doing and Corey yelled over to his dad who was talking with some brothers - how're you doing dad? He said, Just Fine! Just Fine!

    I'll end there - have to get out the door for our mtg....


  • rebel8

    If they are finally doing an organized effort out of the goodness of their hearts to help each other, then good for them.

    As we know, usually the org takes a $$$ cut and/or the actual relief effort is highly exaggerated...but if it's not this time, then good for them. Finally jehoopla's only chosen people have caught up with the worldly people who actually just help each other and want nothing in return, including bragging rights.

  • Simon

    There are volunteers all over Calgary (and buses to take people to High River) who show up to help complete strangers without regard to what religion they are or what church they go to.

    Wasn't the point of the good samaritan story to extend help to people who aren't just your 'brother'?

    I guess they skip that part.

    I'm guessing they will accept and welcome help from strangers but not offer it freely to any and all. Lookout for sickly tales of how impressed neighbours were with the fine witness in a future WatchTower.

  • rebel8

    Simon, I think you should head over to the 40' trailer and get yourself a free jw suit.

    (If this story is really Canadian, why aren't they using the metric system? IIRC Canada does not use feet in measurements? Smells like a jw urban myth.)

  • Simon

    That's just what you need when your house has been under-water for a week ... a suit.

  • new22day

    Orignally the mayor of Calgary asked for 600 volunteers for early clean up efforts and thousands of people showed up. Good for the High River witnesses, but I'd be tempted to point out to your friend what others said. People are pulling together and helping each other everywhere, regardless of faith or creed. Good to see the JWs stepping up too -- hope they don't just take care of their own. ;)

    (Rebel: Canadians often don't use metric. We go both ways - we're weird like that here.)

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