Who still goes to meetings and out in field service?

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  • happy@last
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    ^^ What Phizzy said was just like me. I too was an elder with doubts about the teaching of the WTBTS, when I worked it out for myself that I had been lied to I literally had a breakdown, came off being an elder and never went back. The last public talk I gave was not from the outline, and I knew it would be the last time I'd be on a KH platform. the following week I went to a DC, spent the whole time helping in parking and saw that there is no identifying mark of love among the witnesses.

    I am however an all or nothing person, I cannot do anything half hearted.

  • westiebilly11

    I have no family in the org so after being df for asking questions about doctrine changes I used to go to all meetings but now a year later I have decided after reading CoC captives to a concept..and discussions with other enlightened ones that I will go to no more meetings etc. I have lost any confidence I might have had in the gb who seem to change doctrine policy to cover their failings....after 30 years in my eyes and mind are open again....

  • joe134cd

    Bu2b & xbehere you deserve a Nobel prize. I thought like you, but now I realize I just can't keep up the appearance. It's coming up to 2 months now since I have been to a meeting, and this will be the first month in my life that I haven't handed in a F/S report. I do find it stressfull but I think it best I do the fade now before I end up opening my mouth or doing something that will get me a JC.im trying to make the best of a trying a bad situation.what brought me to this point as I got sick of having no contact with people other than at the meetings. Sometimes I would go out on FS just so I could have social contact with others, even though I totally loathed witnessing. Desperate measures. Now I'm sort of contemplating how things will go in the world, how do I make friends.

  • bigmac

    i agree totally with quendi. how can a man pray out loud--from the platform---it beats me.

    still--its not for me to judge.

    at least you know you wont be disfellowshipped from this site for being an elder--or shunned either.

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