Wow did not see that coming.

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  • msconcerned

    So for a while now i have had some doubts and i have slowly started and had conversations with my wife. She has kind of conceded very minor points in our conversations, but what i have been seeing is that she is starting to use her brain. Im not insulting my wife, but she is starting to think critically. She just said this to me....."what would anyone say J.W's are known for? Witnessing right? But what did Jesus say his followers wiuld be identified by? Love among themselves. Hmmm"

    That is awsome. Im not really into bashing the W/T but to think about what we do and follow is important.

  • Scully

    That's great!

    Interesting how the WTS just stomps all over Jesus' words. Because they are NOT known for "love among themselves", are they??

  • snare&racket

    I am an atheist, agnostic is probably more accurate but these terms belong to the religious as labels for the non religious, so you can call me whatever's you want, but I don't believe in god or the bible.

    Now I have my bias on the table, may I humbly suggest you read the bible. Its a bit of a task and with relevance to your question may i suggest you just read the gospels. Spend an evening ploughing through Mat Mar Luk Joh Acts ..... That is plenty enough to start the ball rolling as to whether the religion you are in is correct or not.

    snare x

  • Jeffro

    JW literature likes to tell JWs how much JWs have long among themselves. (A generalised claim that can be made by any kind of community.)

    But it's certainly not what they're known for.

    If you ask 'the person in the street' about JWs, you would generally get these responses:

    • Those people who knock on my door
    • They don't celebrate holidays
    • They don't accept blood transfusions
    • They don't vote

    You'd have to get pretty far down the list of common responses, including various misconceptions and other unflattering opinions, long before 'they have love among themselves'.

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile
    She just said this to me....."what would anyone say J.W's are known for? Witnessing right? But what did Jesus say his followers would be identified by? Love among themselves. Hmmm"

    Ouch. That observation would sting coming from an ex-JW, but is even sweeter to hear from someone actively attending.

    Tread carefully, don't share too much about what you've learned. Bring things up one at a time and claim they're questions you were stumped about from a householder or co-worker.

    Sounds like your wife is waking up, that's great news.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi msconcerned, That sounds positive. Keep asking your wife simple questions, like "What made her think of that?", "How do JWs follow Jesus to love his neighbors?", or "Why does she wonder about the differences between what JWs are known for and What Jesus followers are known for?". Remember to take baby steps when encouraging your wife to critically think for herself.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • msconcerned

    I have been very careful not to "scare" her, and i do ask her why she has certain thoughts. It's cool to see her really thinking. I myself have never thought about the religion as i have for the last year.

  • leaving_quietly

    I've been tactfully dropping this one on my wife. When I made mention of it recently, she asked: "Are you saying Witnesses aren't loving?" I said to her (because she was in a situation where she had to decide whether to show love or not to someone in need or go in service): "Sometimes, you have to forgo service to show love to others." Unfortunately, she chose service over love. I do keep mentioning it, though, ever so tactfully, just so that maybe something will sink in.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And it's good that she's comfortable sharing her observations with you.

  • msconcerned

    I remember not long ago she was so upset that the body wanted her to wait for 3 months before regular pioneering. She had been doing it for 1.5 years until health issues and surgury needed to happen. This conversation was basically when she had suspicions about my doubts. I told her as she was crying about not pioneering and feeling like she let God down, that i was sick of the pressure that is put on the bro's and sis's that we are only "spiritual people" if we have some sort of position. I flat out told her i was glad she was not pioneering, and that God appreciates 5, 8, 10hrs or whatever we can give.

    Its funny cause now she will look at me when someone makes a comment that she thinks i disagree with and smiles. That just tells me she is using her thinking abilities.

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