Are the Governing Body members gambling without even being aware of such?

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  • I_love_Jeff

    With regard to gambling, Jehovah's Witnesses teach:

    Every form of gambling is tainted by greed. So Christians do not take part in any kind of gambling, such as lotteries, horse racing, and bingo. (Ephesians 5:3-5)

    If you look at it this way, the theory behind gambling is taking a chance and being dependent on chance NOT God/Holy Spirit. Keeping this in mind, when the Governing Body members change doctrine from "Old Light" to "New Light", is this in fact a form of gambeling since they are making changes (mistakes)? Hit and miss? Gambling on holy spirit?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I don't know if that is neccesarily gambling, but I've got my MegaMillions and Powerball tickets for cheap thrills this weekend

  • Vidiot

    You bet they're gambling...

    ...but not in a way that might have occurred to you, and what's more, I'm quite certain they know it's a gamble (or, at least, don't think it's as much of a gamble as it truly is).

    It all centers on their continuing appeal of the Conti verdict.


    If the GB caved now and paid up, they'd be percieved as conceding to an opponent of "Satan's World" far too close to the Big A, and likely suffer damaged pride and have their authority considerably undermined amongst the R&F; not at all appealling to them...


    ...if they keep appealling and beat the rap by attrition (i.e. using their vast financies and legal maneuvering to wear out Team Conti until they give up), they'll have demonstrated in a very public manner how difficult it will be for any future opponents to fight them.

    That would be a significant victory for the WTS in the short term.

    Secondly (and far more seriously)...

    They are well aware that if they keep appealing this all the way up to the Supreme Court and ultimately lose, the proceedings will set a legal precedent that will - from what we've gathered - open the floodgates for further similar litigation all over the US, with the potential of permanently crippling the Organization - financially, ideologically, and in the court of public opinion...


    ...if they keep appealling all the way up to SCOTUS and WIN, that legal precedent could potentially immunize the WTS against any further pedophila-related litigation ever again.

    And that would be a huge victory for the WTS in the long term.

    It has the potential of demoralizing their opponents to a degree that shunning and apostate baiting could never hope to do, any further outside pressure to reform their policies would be set back at least a decade, and the hubris that God has their back would be cemented in place for both the GB and the R&F for generations to come.

    And don't forget, a fundamental axiom of ultraconservative religious ideology is that people are inherently bad; the idea that the general public - "Satan's World" could truly reach a higher level of moral outrage than themselves (over institutionalized sexual abuse, or anything, really) would never occur to them in a million years.

    Yes, the odds are against them and they know it, but from their point of view, it would be well worth the risk...

    In effect, they have a weak poker hand, and are hoping to bluff themselves a win in a "winner take all" gambit.

  • Atlantis

    This is a bit old, but the Watchtower and 4 congregations participated in receiving lottery funds! The first time was in 2004, and they could have had their names removed. However, their names remained on the Hydrecs list for 2 more years! . When the Watchtower thinks they are losing money it doesn't take them much time to make the necessary adjustments. But when they are making money, well, they can sure bend the rules for themselves very easily. In the Hydrecs description below you will find the word "lottery" at least 4 times. . Employee 50/50 Payday Lottery . One way HYDRECS raises funds throughout the year is by holding a company-wide employee 50/50 payday lottery in which half the money raised goes to HYDRECS and the other half goes to the winning employee. In the last payday lottery of 2006, an employee won $1,509. The remaining 50% went into the HYDRECS Relationship Fund to maintain support with past Special Project agencies and other charities where HYDRECS can participate in viable community partnerships. In 2006 the 50/50 payday lottery raised $39,239 for charity. . (See bottom of page 6 here: . Who are some of those charities that received funds from this lottery arrangement? If you click the link below and zoom in, and slowly scan all the charities which have received funds from Hydrecs you will find the following. . A56 Spanish Central Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses . D36 Spanish East Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses - Vancouve r . 111 Watchtower Bible and Tract Society . E38 Westwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses . Page 2 . C14 Coquitlam Centre Congregation of Jehovah Witnesses . Zoom in and slowly scan the columns here, there are 2 pages. . . Atlantis

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