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  • NewYork44M

    Here is the video on Vimeo:

    I was 21 and wanted to move out of my parents house. I didn't realize that I wasn't mature enough to hold down a job and live on my own and pay rent to. I did crazy things like not say no to drunk friends, have housewarming parties, and even drink 2 beers in one night.
    I'm so glad I was able to move back in with my parents so I didn't have to see what the real world was like.

    Here is my story.

  • outinthemeadows

    I laughed a little at the end where the mum said she forgot the whipped cream and asked her son to get some from the local store. Then James said "get your own whipped cream". My head was in my hands by this point. lol

  • Comatose

    I hadn't seen the video. I wasn't going to watch it.

    I thought the Vimeo link was a joke for the first 5 minutes... Then I realized it was not a parody... It was the REAL thing, so i turned it off. The fake corniness of this thing is unbelievable.

    Getting a job in the big city is evil! omg... Angry older brother is so responsible! He knows how to load a ladder BEFORE breakfast. jeez.... THIS is what people have been begging me to watch!?!?

  • rubbeng

    Thanks outinthemeadows for dramas

  • Libelle

    To put it simply, the thought "meme" that The Watchtower is putting forth seems to be, "Construction work" is good, "Computer programming" is bad.

    I have been finding that vibe alot. The Mr. is in construction, and is proud to be on the RBC, was considering getting a higher degree, but decided against it in part because the RBC already had enough engineers. I truly think they're feeling like they're gearing up to rebuild after armageddon.

    But OMG the acting was horrific!! That girl, in the apartment right before the boy (who sooo should have been gay) had his breakdown, and her horrible delivery of the line convincing him to stay the night. BARFORAMA.

  • cherrypye

    The father is played by Randy Meadows, and the mother is his wife, Joleen Meadows.

    i just watched this today with my JW fam -- it was ridiculous and insulting. So pretty much just what I expected from the Borg.

    I loved how the interviews drove home that not even those in the congregation could be trusted to be good association -- makes for a unified organization no doubt.

    Overall, it made me sick to my stomach.

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