always apostasy?

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  • losingit

    So I've been reading many posts and threads of people's experiences leaving the jw fold. I get the impression that many here were df'd or da'd due to apostasy. Is there anyone here that found out TTAT after being df'd for a reason other than apostasy? Is thete anyone here that abandoned their effirts to get reinstated after finding out TTAT after being df'd for a reason other than apostasy? Curious....

  • steve2

    I agree that many on this forum have got a robust grasp of TTATT, so your question about when did they first realize the organization does not have the truth is a great question.

    I suspect that only a fraction of the thousands who are annually disfellowshipped have "committed" apostasy and that the overwhelming majority of those disfellowshipped have committed sins of the flesh and primarily around consenting-adult sexual misconduct of one kind or another. Indeed, a further hunch is that most of those disfellowshipped - including those who do not even try to be reinstated - do not go on to realize TTATT.

    Apostasy is really a road less travelled by ex-witnesses. I'd go so far as to say that people who leave "their" religion - whatever that religion is - do so primarily by back-sliding than by open rebellion.

    For what it counts, I was disfellowshipped for apostasy.

  • sarahsmile

    Is there anyone here that found out TTAT after being df'd for a reason other than apostasy?


    I was dfd when I was about 20. It was not until age 41, I thought what is wrong with this religion?

    Did research from there own books and realized that it was garbage.Not even bibically correct. Got reinstated then faded.

  • sarahsmile

    Hmm but when I was 12 I started asking the overseer questions so I was already marked. Like how do you know this was the last generation?

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    I was df'd for reasons other than apostasy. I continued for 4 years efforting to return. I concluded I was only doing so for family reasons. I determined the only way I could really do it properly was to be drawn by Jehovah. So I started reading the bible, the Christian scriptures specifically. I used the amplified version along with NWT. My eyes were opened as I read. I avoided using WT literature and dismissed preconceived beliefs. It was thru this that I learned ttatt. I never read any apostate literature or websites to that point, only gods word with an open mind. Now here I am, never to return to WT. Apostacy had nothing to do with it.

  • Rocky_Girl

    I left (not df'ed) when I was 18 because of the abuses of power among the elders. I heard one of them talking about my brother as if he were an animal right after he was disfellowshipped. I immediately told the service overseer that I couldn't pioneer any longer (reg pioneer for 5 years), told the school overseer that I couldn't make it to give my next talk, and left my key to the hall on the literature counter. I walked out and didn't return except for a few times with my mom years later.

    I didn't start to question until I was 25ish. My research kept me from returning.

  • joyfulfader

    I was publicly reproved for something other than apostasy and it was actually because I was not disfellowshipped because of the other person's involvement and his "connections", I started to really look into my ever present doubts. After despicable treatment during this time (including the horribly degrading and humiliating questions that elders swear they dont ask...hahahaha) and subsequent times I realized I had had enough. It was a lightbulb moment and have never returned and have zero doubts or guilt. I am now for all intents and purposes, agnostic.

  • TotallyADD

    There are many that left and was not df or da. My wife and I walked away. I was elder for 25 years and my wife pioneer for 4 years. It took time for us to completely wake up but when we did we made a exit plan work towards it. So far no one has bother us about it. But that could change. But I am sure the apostasy brand would be but on us. Totally ADD

  • bafh

    I have successfully faded. Although I was reproved more than once for moral issues - I was never df'd. I have had my doubts since I was a kid, and primarily got baptized to please my parents. I do not attend anything except the Memorial once a year. I do it because I think it was a command and because it keeps from rocking the boat too much. I have only had one discussion with my mom about why I don't attend and I told her that I just don't fit in. That was the end of that. So far so good. I do have one friend who, after this year's convention, feels compelled to have some sort of conversation with me. I told her that was fine. I feel like people just need to be heard, and she comes from nothing but genuine concern and love. I am carefully considering what I will say to her so that there is no need to find me dangerous in any way. It will be a little tricky, but I think I can do it.


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