How the WATCHTOWER has "borrowed" its NEW LIGHT....

by Terry 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    The JW's that I observe who are comfortable and happy to a degree are those ,like some of my relatives, who ignored the WT's advice and made sure they had all debts paid off, a nice property, and a pension.

    Some of these spent many years missing meetings, and missing family life, in pursuit of this outcome, they now are in a position to Piosneer and look down on their Brethren who actually tried to "keep their life simple".

    These latter still have to work at menial jobs way after retiring age to make ends meet.

    The first lot may actually be more happy by ignoring the WT, the latter are finding out that listening to the WT is not the way to happiness, let alone the way to paradise.

  • Terry

    Yes, the longer a person has been "in" the more aware they become that they are in charge of their own fate. They secretly live a shadow life.

    The shadow life is the real life, where they do what they need to do for a practical existence.

    The JW life is a dream world where up is down and God whispers in the ear of senior citizens in Bethel and the shit runs downhill.

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