Do you still get Nightmares?

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  • sleepy

    Do you still get Nightmares?
    Because last night I had the crap scared out of me.
    I cant remember what I had been dreaming about, but something shocked me and I opened my eyes and I saw a figure standing beside my bed.
    My body when straight into fight mode.
    Now this is the weirest part for me.I shouted at the top of my voice , VERY loudly "what the f**K" yet it wasn't me speaking , my body sort of took over and said it .My eyes sort of adjusted and the figure disappeared and a I think at that point I became wide awake.
    My wife was woken up by my shouting.
    My heart was racing and my hair standing on end.

    I have had a similiar experience once before but I didn't shout.
    The fact that I woke up shouting, really freaked me out.

    What the crap was going on in my head?

  • Naeblis

    It was me. DOn't be afraid. I was just looking around.

  • Elsewhere

    When I was a kid I dreamed about big poisonous spiders chasing me. I woke up in the middle of it terrified!

    When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw looked just like the silhouette of one of the spiders standing on my chest.

    I sat there frozen... afraid to move for fear of it biting me. After awhile I couldn't stand to sit perfectly still anymore so in one sudden movement I threw the covers off and turned on a lamp next to my bed.

    No spiders in site...


    After leaving the bOrg I had a recurring nightmare of having my parents or the elders coming to my house and physically forcing me to go to the meetings. After arriving at the meeting the MSs would guard the doors to prevent me from leaving. The whole time I’m in the KH the people there all look at me gawking at the “evil DAed” person.

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  • nativenyr23

    Yikes. that sounds TERRIBLE!

    I had tons of nightmares as a i remember most is being on a rollercoaster...and that all the people on the rollercoaster "DIDN'T MAKE IT" and were going to die in armaggedon (which occurred at the end of the ride).

  • TexSham

    I'd never thought about it, but recalling images from wt literature in their dreams really creeps me out, and makes me wonder, just what kind of sophisticated, demonic apparatus we have come in contact with?

  • Hyghlandyr

    Ya know I have what are called nightmares by others. But I like em. They are pretty cool. I never get scared. Fear is one of the emotions I havent experienced yet. Looking forward to it someday.

    Once I had this awesome dream. I was being chased by a vampyre. I leaned out the window and there were dogs on the ground. I was four stories up. They were leaping, almost up to the window. They were barking. But I understood the language in my head. I dont mean I translated, I mean I intrinsically understood as I do any other language I speak.

    I leaped out of the window. In the middle of my fall, I changed into a wolf. Then I ran with the pack. Of course I was the alpha. Then we ran into an encampment. I bit one of the persons there, which is why the vamp had been chasing me, he had foresaw it. So he was angry because now the fella, his nephew, was going to be a were instead of a vamp.

    One word for those with nightmares, LUCID DREAMING. Do a search on yahoo for it.

  • sweetone2377

    I know that with me, growing up as a Dub, we were pumped with so much garbage about demons. We were advised not to buy from tag sales, or anything used because it could bring a demon into our home. I was constantly in fear, having nightmares, even when awake, when it was dark, I can remember jumping from the hall into my bed so that nothing could creep out from under my bed and pull me under. I was 18 or 19 while the jumping thing was going on and was living by myself.

    I think that the WTS has always pumped us so full of all this crap, all this "do what we tell you to do, live the way we tell you to and you'd better ask us about that before you decide to go to that movie or wear that outfit, etc etc etc, or you'll be destroyed at Armageddon and God won't love you" crap. And it is so hard to cleanse ourselves of it. Even after years of being out of the borg and thinking for ourselves, it can still creep in from time to time. Especially in our subconscience.

    Former victim and recovering wonderfully from a broken spirit
    Smile, because we all have been freed from slavery!!

  • FreePeace

    Hey Sleepy,

    Do you see what the WTS has been warning you about!?! Now that you are out, you are having demon problems! (Just kidding! lol)

    I still have disquieting dreams about my former JW best friend, my brother, and occasionally my sister. I've also had dreams about speaking at a District Convention coupled with a Quick Build. Man!

    I thought I had gotten past those troubling dreams, but they still come around now and then. I guess they'll go when they go.

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  • Dawn

    Hi Sleepy:

    You should explain your dream/nightmares to your doctor - there is a sleep disorder called night terrors where you wake up while your mind is still part-way in the dream state. So you actually see/experience in a waking phase what the other part of your mind is dreaming.

    Sounds like that could possibly be the case.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    Studying the "Revelation" book used to give my 5 year old daughter nightmares about wild beasts. We quit going to meetings 3 years ago.

    Our nightmare has ended.

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