"I'll Take Your Literature If You Take Mine"

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

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    5 min:"I'll Take Your Literature If You Take Mine" Discussion. Invite audience to comment on how they have successfully replied to this suggestion.

    "I'll Take Your Literature If You Take Mine"

    That is the proposition of some householders. Since we do not exchange our Bible study aids for religious literature that disseminates error, how might we answer tactfully? (Rom. 1:25) We could say: “Thank you for your offer. What does this say about the solution to mankind’s problems? [Allow for response. If he invites you to read his literature to ?nd the answer, you can remind him that you did not o?er literature without telling him what it contains. Then read or quote Matthew 6:9, 10.] Jesus indicated that God’s Kingdom will cause God’s will to be done on earth. Therefore, the only religious literature that I read highlights God’s Kingdom. May I show you from the Bible some speci?c things that God’s Kingdom will accomplish?”

  • Laika

    In hindsight the fact that we weren't allowed to read other religion's theological literature, even if it made no mention/criticism of the JWs, should have been a pretty big clue shouldn't it?

    If JWs really had the truth, they would be told to take the literature and read it so they could better understand the householder's beliefs, then return to discuss the errors allegedly disseminated therein.

  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    Does this include the Societys religious literature that has been disseminating error for over 130 years?

  • blondie

    That always seemed so hypocritical and deceptive like this:

    *** rs p. 295 Prayer ***

    If Someone Says—

    ‘Pray with me first, then give me your message’

    You might reply: ‘I’m glad to know that you are a person who appreciates the importance of prayer. Jehovah’s Witnesses also pray regularly. But there is something that Jesus said about when and how to pray that may be new to you. Did you know that he told his disciples not to offer public prayers with a view to having others see that they were devout, praying persons? . . . (Matt. 6:5)’ Then perhaps add: ‘Notice what he went on to say should be of primary concern to us and what we should put first in our prayers. That is what I have come to share with you. (Matt. 6:9, 10)’

    Or you could say: ‘I know that representatives from some religious groups do that. But Jehovah’s Witnesses do not, because Jesus instructed his disciples to go about their work of preaching in another manner. Instead of saying, “When you enter a house, first pray,” notice what he said, as found here at Matthew 10:12, 13. . . . And see here in verse 7 what they were to talk about. . . . How can that Kingdom help people like you and me? (Rev. 21:4)’


    So does that mean if a jw offers prayer at a bible study it is different? What if it is a door-step study?

    *** w90 7/15 p. 6 Because He Prayed ***

    This was the experience of one young minister serving at Brooklyn Bethel, the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was eating breakfast at a restaurant, planning to go to his local congregation and meet with a group that would be participating in Kingdom-preaching activity. When his breakfast arrived, he offered a prayer in his usual manner. Upon opening his eyes, he looked up to find a waitress standing there staring at him.

  • ABibleStudent

    How about saying, 'If people will read it with an open mind, it will help tens of millions of oppressed people to stop being victimized by their leaders." and then hand them books by Raymond Franz, Don Cameron, Steve Hassan, and other appropriate authors. This same retort could be said to Mormons, Scientologist, Moonies, and members of other dangerous cults.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    "Since we you do not exchange our your Bible study aids for religious literature that disseminates error, how might we you answer tactfully?"

    Classic information control. The Governing Body is literally telling their followers what they can and can't read. What's next, telling them who they can and can't love and marry?

  • WTWizard

    I could take their littera-trash and rip its argument to shreds. Invariably, it is "You are a sinner, and need to repent" or some variant of it. As I don't believe in Original Sin, I usually ruin them and place them right back where I found them, putting something like "Christianity=COMMUNISM" on it. I know that the message contained therein is akin to communism. In fact, I have read some information about cults--including some of the information used to recruit members, online. I am not buying.

    Now, if I can read any xian material and not be moved back toward Christi-SCAM-ity by the sometimes-blatant lies contained therein, why can't the witlesses read tracts from other religions? If they have the truth, other religions are blatant lies--and they should be able to read the material and rip apart the arguments. In fact, that is what I did when I had people I called on that were of other denominations. I could hold my ground against them. And I can do it today--I don't believe that the LIE-ble is anything more than a tool to enslave mankind and will not be moved by the standard "You are going to hell unless you repent" crap found in most of the trash. So I see no reason why the jokehovian witlesses can't read other religions' tracts--if those tracts are lies, it should be blatant enough to do nothing.

  • frankiespeakin

    The motivation for the WT corporation in telling the rank&file not to trade literature is: If the rank and file are dumb/niave enough to fall for our unsubstantiated claims of divine appointment and end of the world date setting then they are likewise dumb/niave enough to fall for the other guy's unsubstanciated claims about a deity and they could loose a lacky.

  • Ding

    Since we do not exchange our Bible study aids for religious literature that disseminates error, how might we answer tactfully?

    I wonder how the GB would recommend the JW answer a householder who says, "Even Jesus' apostles had some wrong expectations. If we are wrong about something, God will correct us in due season. After all, Proverbs 4:18 says that the light gets brighter and brighter. Meantime, we need to humbly accept as truth whatever our leaders tell us because they are God's sole channel of communication to mankind in these last days."


    @ Ding, Ohhh SNAP!!!

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