Pope Calling Cardinals

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  • Yerusalyim

    Apparently the Pope is summonning all American Cardinals to Rome for a meeting (About Time). My hope is that Carinal Law and Egan will be removed, retire, or somehow go away. I hope the pope does the right thing here.

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  • Darkhorse

    I found this post very interesting. My husband and I both are non-practicing Catholics - never bought into the Catholic Church's rules even when I was a child - but to each their own. We both think Cardinal Law should resign, actually we think he should be prosecuted also. We both feel he is a phoney, not to mention other things. By allowing the child molestation to go on makes him just as guilty as the other priests who committed the act. The whole thing makes me sick. The only way he can be removed from his status is for the Pope to do so.

  • Vktoriapuppetfinger

    He is summoning them for a meeting about the sex scandals in the USA.

  • orangefatcat

    Sorry pal I did'nt notice that this was already posted, my apologies.

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