Funny but kind of sad story

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    My youngest son (26yrs old) told me the other day that his barber told him a funny story .

    It seems the barber use to be the janitor at the local grade school ,and one day he came into the office and noticed this little red headed boy sitting in there . Now the man said this was a busy day for the little kids ,holiday parties going on in the class rooms so he was curious as to why this little guy was just sitting in the office ...So the janitor asked the secretary what was up with that ? .....Then he said the little red headed kid speaks up loudly ,"I HATE BEING A WITNESS !!" Then the barber tells my son ,'You know that really made me mad that day seeing that poor kid missing out ,and I have told that story numerous times to others ,but I just realized that little kid was YOU !!" .My son laughed and said he didn't remember that ,but yeah it sounded like something he would have said .

    thankfully he is free now and not bitter .

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  • free2Bme13

    Funny story. Your poor son. I can relate, always missing out on the fun parties at school. Glad he's not bitter over that, probably cause there's bigger things to be bitter about with the WT$

  • Pickler

    I'm really impressed that your son was able to say the words "I hate being a witness". To me that shows that he was still able to verbalise his feelings, which is healthy, and would help explain why he is not so bitter now.

    You must have done some good parenting! :)

  • laverite

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this story with us!! Good for your son for being honest and speaking up! Growing up, I don't remember ever saying any such thing out loud personally, but I know the sentiment was there. I hated missing out on all the celebrations, presents and fun.

    Growing up, witnesses would repeat again and again how we don't need a holiday or birthday to give or get presents. In my entire childhood, we only had ONE time when we got presents. We got one present each. It was the most thrilling moment of my life up to that point. I was 11 years old. ONCE. ONE present. THAT'S IT. The other 18 years, we were ignored, and forbidden to take part in any fun. I had a crap childhood and so much of that is the fault of the Watchtower Corp.

  • Laika

    What Pickler said, I would never have dared to say I hated being a Witness when I was young, even though I sometimes did.

  • Mum

    That's great!

    My daughter, when she was in kindergarten, told her dad and me, "I wish we celebrated." She wanted Santa to bring her lots of toys like the other kids got. Now she goes totally overboard for holidays and birthdays!

  • crmsicl

    My grand daughter, age 6, just left for the day. While she was here she was playing with one of her electronic games. She was showing her puppet buddy how to make Santa Clause: Look Buddy, this is Santa, he brings toys to little kids. The electronic Santa was packing his bags while she drew the hat on his head. She said and did all this with no sadness, just factually. I don't know what to think about that. She knows we are neutral and she feels safe to say and do some things with us.

  • truthseekeriam

    I still apologize to my children for what they went through in grammar and middle school, thankfully by high school we were out.

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