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by Sittingstraight1212 2 Replies latest social humour

  • Sittingstraight1212

    I find in the day and age of texting or commenting on boards etc. If people don't know you, it's easy for them to mis-understand you. Its bad enough to be judged in the ORG. but for thoughts on something said on a blog etc. please dont judge. We all are going thru horrible crap in dealing with this crazy ORG. A little understanding OR a private message can do the trick. I'm just thankful I have this avenue to vent and get help from people who have been thru the same BS..... Just saying!

  • Nosferatu

    It's a side effect from being part of the organization. JWs naturally develop the ability to judge others. When we exit out of the org, we need to work at getting rid of this side-effect. On that same token, I think that those who exit out of the org are very much afraid of being judged as well. People who have this fear need to learn that they're independent people with independent thoughts, morals, and ideas, and do not need to live up to the opinion of others. This was one of the first things I decided I needed to learn when I was exiting the org. I truly wanted to not give a damn about what people thought about me. You know what? It made me a much stronger person.

    Everyone who exits the org will (hopefully) discover defects in their personalities that need to be fixed. Those are two major ones.

  • zeb

    I am ever thankful that i had the wisdom to keep a polite distance from the cong. I had found and learned by that that far to many jw live in each the others backpockets and end up just too knowledgeable of each others affairs. And in many cases what they dont know they make up.!

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