The Watchtower Corporations Money Making Schemes Need Some Restructuring To Survive

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  • frankiespeakin

    The primary money making for the Watchtower Corporation has been to scam people into being door to door saleman for their product for free or practically for free. Bethel is all run by unpaid workers who claim a vow of poverty, bad for the worker but lucrative for the Corporation.

    Now this printing of literature business must be loosing money now that they went over to a free will donation and not asking for a dollar amount in return for the stuff they produce. So what are some possible restructuring that they can do to offset this downward trend in income?

  • Disillusioned Lost Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost Lamb

    Curl up and die.

  • designs

    Well they figured out ATMs aren't haunted

  • John R
    John R

    Just heard the Watchtower is accepting credit cards. They are getting desperate!!!!

  • Satanus

    They seem to be branching off into realestate flipping; free labor to build halls and then sell them after a few yrs and do another one.


  • JakeM2012

    Realestate flipping, using "volunteer" labor to maintain, rebuild, build, etc, they have also slipped into providing the cars for the CO's that I believe is a money maker for them, as is their insurance programs for the congregations.

    Relief work WTS does with volunteer labor in areas of disaster is all done with volunteer labor, and many donated materials, but they encourage the publishers to donate the full amount of insurance received from the real insurance companies to the society.

    They have the assembly halls to fleece several times a year, if your old and wealthy they are interested in your money.

    They have money invested in stock portfolios and hedge funds that most of us do not have access to. It looks like they are going out of the printing business by the size of the magazines, and hammering these other areas as they still claim a non-profit status on all their endeavors.

  • trujw

    They will in the next few decades only print magazines from the Congo and say it is a streamline to get the word out faster. They will get smaller but more radical. Alas our family held captive will never leave. They don't have the intellect to survive big time. They will never be gone but new light will focus on the cramped and narrow path. Also cleansing of unworthy jws like 1925. Mark this post it will happen.

  • Phizzy

    They are mainly making big money from Real Estate at present, and they will continue to make some $$ by this scam for years, but you only sell the Big Bucks Brooklyn properties and Bethel homes once.

    Day to day cash flow may become a problem, but they have pushed this in to the future by downsizing.

    What would hit them hardest would be if Governments saw through their facade and removed Charitable status and other Tax exemption. I doubt this will happen ever in the U.S.A (religion is sacrosanct) or the U.K (too lazy to investigate and do something), but maybe in other lands ??

  • punkofnice

    They will survive by hook or crook.

    I wonder if they're still getting money from Randcorp and that complicated 'laundering' type method to procure funds from Philip Morris tobacco? Are they still gambling in volatile shares?

    They'll survive one way or another. They have top business men who can run all the scams.

    Then of course they use guilt, fear and phobia to frighten money out of the R&F.

    They scam the brothers right left and centre.

  • villagegirl

    They just sold all the Brooklyn properties for $375 million

    They must have investments in the stock market ?

    The Watchtower Farm is under investigation for toxic waste

    violations, they just lost $28 million to the Candice Conti case.

    my guess is they are going to try to get converts and money

    from Africa,China,India, and emerging nations, but with the Internet

    they can't isolate people they way they used to. Everybody including

    the poorest most uneducated people have cell phones and some way

    to get on the internet. Its a religion that appeals to those who feel

    safe in a closed system and never ask questions. Its like joining a

    secret club. Isn't $375 milion only about $60 for each witness?

    or less ? $55 X 7,000,000 ???

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