Tell him he can count the time!

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  • 3rdgen

    Recently I was talking to my MIL, ( an elderly 2ond gen Dub) about an experience hubby had at work. I wanted to anti-Witness. i told her that Baalam was sent on a sales call where the client turned out to be an inactive sister. As you can imagine they had a lot to talk about. I explained that she has many serious medical and financial problems. the 1st thing out of MILs mouth was NOT "how is she?" It was "tell him he can count the time!" Sheeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!! I replied, "Well Baalam is just as inactive as she is so who counts time on who in that case? I think counting time make people become TERRIBLE Christians, worried more about statistics than people." She was shamed and showed it. She actually agreed with me! cool huh?

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi 3rdGen, What a MIL. FacePalm .

    When I went off the reg . pio . list , I told myself, never again. EVERYONE was more concerned about their "time". Which of course, if you are putting in 100 hours a month for God? for FREE and work part-time to cover the bases, it does stress one out.

    I am sorry you have a dip stick drone for a MIL. What a drag.

    By the way, how is the sickly sister ( tm ) doing?

    The 8 Popes in Brooklyn want to move onto their Lakeside Estate by January 1, 2017. They have planned lavishly for their retirement.

    The Brothers ( tm ) better hurry up and build it for them!

    What about the rest of us? Do they care?

    Just Lois enjoying the nice weather in The North Pacific without GB approval lol

  • 3rdgen

    Hi Lois! You're right, MIL is a real piece of work- not just because she is a dub, (although it helps!) but bc she is one of the most selfish shallow people I've ever met. She's starting to get Alsheimers as well, which adds to the mix. Funny thing is....... when she and her many siblings were young almost all were wild as March hares. The girls married sailors and the boys were in gangs . The pappa Dub was a rumrunner during the depression. Now that the ones still living are very old, they talk all witnessey like they are "spiritual". It's very annoying.

  • problemaddict

    Oh time! I weep for the 17 and 18 year old whos family and themselves worry as to wether they go to pioneer school because the elders are reminding them they are "behind in their time".


  • sarahsmile

    Counting time has nothing to do with time it is an addendum to your original agreement.

    She sure is brain washed when time is more important than a person. Her antisocial training peaked it probably runs in her family.

    LOL Baalam was sent on a sales call wew! LOL

    Apparently she missed the point! You must walk around saying all kinds of things and it just goes over their heads. They like you a lot! You would be fun to hang with. Those old folks are getting a kick out of you. Sounds like they are having a hard time matching your warped humor.

    If I said something like that they would have barked at me.

  • 3rdgen

    Sarah, Baalam really WAS sent on a sales call and the poor sick lady really WAS an inactive sister! Co-winky-dink. I decided to relate the story to MIL just see what she would say. Her shallowness surprised even me!

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