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  • Smitty

    Hi all,
    we can probably forget the dateline story for a while. If it came out now, JW's would look like saints in comparison to the Catholics. At least JW's delete the servants and not move them from congregation to congregation. Yep, JW's look pretty good in comparison. It wouldn't be much of a story right now.

  • Fredhall


    It was not a much of a story in the begining.

  • anewperson

    You are deplorable Fred. Even one raped child would be too many.

    Readers, please continue politely daily emailing [email protected] thanking them for filming the documentary on the Watchtower Society's worldwide coverup of pedophilia, also urging them to now air the documentary so as to prevent and slow down the child rapes going on daily from the policy.

  • Amazing

    Hi Smitty:

    We can probably forget the dateline story for a while. If it came out now, JW's would look like saints in comparison to the Catholics. At least JW's delete the servants and not move them from congregation to congregation. Yep, JW's look pretty good in comparison. It wouldn't be much of a story right now.

    The Catholic situation is far different. The Church is dealing with a 'hand full' of priests who have been moved around in the USA with the knowledge of the Cardinals and Bishops in the various Diosceses.

    The numbers of peodphiles in the Watchtower, by comparison is far greater ... at least 5,300 in the USA, and as many as 23,000 or more worldwide. While many are, most are not Servants or Elders. Yet, the policy of the Watchtower Society has not been to have these peodphiles turned over to the authorities.

    The Roman Catholic Church in the USA has already agreed to turn over information they have to the authorities, though the Cardinal in Boston refuses to resign. The Watchtower, on the other hand has not agreed to do anything, not even an acknowledgement or apology.

    So far about 10 Preists have been exposed as pedophiles. Let's assume that the problem among Catholics in the USA is 100 times worse, say 1,000 Preists ... for 62,000,000 Catholics. That means only 2/100ths of 1% of Catholics are Pedophiles (0.000016129). Whereas if we take 5,300 JW pedophiles for 930,000 JWs in the USA means just over 1/2% or 0.005698925.

    Comparatively, the JW problem is over 350 times worse than the Catholic problem ... and that is if we inflate the Catholic problem by 1,000 times.

    Why the media is giving the Catholic Church greater attention is that there are 62 Million Catholics in the USA ... or 22% of the total population in the USA. JWs, by comparison are 930,000 in the USA or 3/10th of 1% (0.003) of the total population. Catholics have a far more visibility or impact on society at large than do JWs.

    My bet is that when Dateline does air the JW issue, the JWs will come across looking far worse. The fact that the JWs historically condemn the Roman Catholic Church as the wicked whore of Revelation, will make the JWs look extremely silly.

    What about Victims? The average "preferrential Pedophile" - the most common type - molests 70 children in their careers accoridng to conservative studies. I have read reports that say this number is closer to 300, and had this confirmed by an attorney here in the Chicago area who litigates in these situations.

    Assuming that 70 victims is more accurate, then 1,000 Catholic Priests would have likely molested a total of 70,000 victims. Whereas, 5,300 JW pedophiles would have likely molested a total 371,000 victims.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • Moxy

    amazing, i truly value your remarkable insights, experiences and writing skills, but maybe for everyone's sake could you please lay off the statistical analysis for a while.


  • Amazing

    Hi Moxy: Sure, no problem. But why does it bother you? I made the response I did because it is the most realistic way to make a comparison that identifies the problem as it is. Is there something I am missing here? I'm not upset, just a little confused by your comment.

  • expatbrit

    Hmmmm....23,000 paedophiles x 70 victims each = 1,610,000 victims total.

    Silentlambs has stated that the 23,000 figure is based on record keeping from the past five years.

    Given a liberal assumption that 25% of JW's are married child-producing adults:

    6,000,000 x 25% = 1,500,000 / 2 = 750,000 couples

    Assume that each couple has 2 children = 1,500,000 children total in the JW organisation.

    So, 1,500,000 children total and 1,610,000 victims.

    The mathematics doesn't stack up.


  • rebelledat12

    Hi, I think Amazing's statistics are GRRRRREAT. It helps the less knowledgeable of us see the whole picture. Just my two cents...:)

  • dungbeetle

    The statistical analysis is very timely and I am glad for one you bring it to our attention. This is what, your third of fourth time in the last 12 months?

    There are some differences between the Catholics and the Watchtower/JW regarding child molestation and pedophiles:

    1) I can't find the post, and I hope someone does---it's only a few days old--where there is evidence dating back years that the Catholic church did get their offenders into treatment programs, spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions on treatment for their offenders. The Watchtower, on the other hand, forbade their sex offending members to own up to their problems and get treatment--they might have been penalized had it become known the sought treatment!! The elders sought to treat the sex offenders themselves. This is the equivalent of practicing medicine without a license.

    2) There are no cases I have heard of where the Catholic church has expelled and shunned its members for reporting a sex crime, taking an offender/abuser to court to answer for their abuse, or punishing an offender for reporting himself. I have met, on the other hand, Jehovah's Witnesses who have been expelled/shunned when they reported a crime or sought justice in the court system.

    It is one thing to stand idly by while a crime takes place. It is another thing to punish victims more so than the offenders and penalize offenders for getting help and the Watchtower does just that--dating back to at least the early 1960's ---and they did it in print!!!!


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    The bottom line here is who really gives a crap about a small insignificant cult like the Jdubs.. Unfortunately because Dateline may not find this news worthy, after the Catholic scandal, they will probably decide not to air it. The bottom line is ratings and money and who gives a dam about a few innocent children.


    "I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's."
    Mark Twain

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