Talking to a JW extremist

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  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    So I had a conversation with a JW whom I communicate with via skype...the conversation went like this:

    Kool Jo: Hey there, how have you been keeping?

    JW Skyper: I'm doing quite seem very busy.

    Kool Jo: At the moment, I'm doing some research.

    JW Skyper: Oh that's great, I hope it's something spiritual.

    Kool Jo: Oh sure it is, I'm researching why the WTBS prohibited vaccination back in the day.

    JW Skyper: I'm not aware of that, but the brothers must have said so for good reasons...after all, Jehovah use these men to acccomplish His will.

    Kool Jo: So let me ask you, if you had a child and the WTBS initiated a ban on vaccines, would you deny your child vaccination, even if it means your child will die?

    JW Skyper: Well Kool Jo, if that's what Jehovah wants us to do, then their must me a reason and I'll obey them. What would you do Kool Jo?

    Kool Jo: I'd give my child the if the WTBS asked you to give them all your money and live in a mountain, would you do so?

    JW Skyper: Wow, they'll never ask us that Kool Jo.

    Kool Jo: But, what if?

    Jw Skyper: Well, I'd try to be practical, but their must be a reason why they want us to leave everything behind.

    Kool Jo: If the WTBS predicts that "The End" is coming in 2014, how would you react?

    JW Skyper: They'll never do that...remember Kool Jo, nobody knows when that would occur!

    Kool Jo: But what if?

    Jw Skyper: Well, if they're able to show me from the Bible why this is so, then I'd obey!

    Kool Jo: Nice talking to you again, we'll catch up another time...have a great night!

    Jw Skyper: I hope you're not finding ways to criticize the brothers at HQ. They're imperfect, but we need to obey them regardless.

    Kool Jo: Ok, I see. Take care

    JW Skyper: Have a great night!

    I couldn't carry on the conversation...I would have probable put a couple holes thru my computer....I can't beleive how extreme this brother there anything at all that could make this person think?

    Any suggestions?

    Kool Jo

  • MrFreeze

    This person is dead from the neck up.

  • nugget

    JW apostate radar up and working.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    You:"would you deny your child vaccination, even if it means your child will die?" Jwskyper-- "..I'll obey them ( the watchtower)." ..Yet they claim not to follow men as leaders?? I'd ask: if Jehovah was using them back then, how come Jehovah used them to say something else years later?

  • Prime

    Who are you comparing this hypothetical person to?

  • cedars

    Agreed. This guy has you figured out. There is nothing you can say to him that won't merely serve to reinforce his perception of you as "bad association" / borderline apostate and send him deeper into defense mode.

    Cognitive dissonance is now engaged.


  • designs

    Is this a real conversation or a fantasy conversation.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    @designs: This is a real convo I had with a JW last night...I'm still in shock that he'd obey them at all cost...allow your own child to die?!?! But I guess that's what also happened with those who died to blood transfusion saga.

    @ Mr Freze & Nugget: Totally agree.

    @ The QuietOne: This is what shocked me...when he said that even though the Bible doesn't mention a directive given by HQ, Jehovah can use them to inform us of any new requirements.

    @cedars: Welcome back! Yes, I could see where he was getting into that mode...especially when he asked if I'm doing research just to find faults or criticize the HQ.

    So lets obey HQ, even if the Bible states otherwise


    Kool Jo

  • NeonMadman

    He doesn't seem so extreme to me; sounds like a typical JW. Follow the organization no matter what.

    Though I think when he said regarding the WTS predicting the end in 2014, " They'll never do that...remember Kool Jo, nobody knows when that would occur!" I would have been unable to restrain myself from saying something like "Then why did they do it so many times in the past?" Of course, then he probably would never have talked to me again...

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    @Prime-- Who are you talking to? If it's me you were asking, I was quoting the relevant part of the conversation mentioned in the OP. No hypothetical person..Could you a)Explain what you meant and b)Consider replying to the topic you actually started and where people are waiting for a response, before jumping in with a weird unexplained comment on another thread.

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