The reason why people become Secularism/nonreligious/Agnostics/Atheists

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  • jam

    I got a laugh out of this. In the book the "The God

    Questions" under the chapter "Do all roads lead to heaven"

    Hal Seed made this statement. Scholars lump these group

    together because they all purport to not be interested in religion

    or spirituality. But one observer notes: "Sociologists point out

    that there are no truly 'secular' societies...'nonreligious'

    people...are those who derive their worldview and value system

    from alternative, secular, cultural or otherwise nonrevealed system

    rather than traditional system."

    Many have made the conscious choice not to explore their faith (say what)

    or at least not publicly.

    That's funny, that's exactly why I'm a Agnostic today because I chose to

    explore my faith, and the Bible.

  • designs

    CS Lewis said Jesus was either a lunatic, liar or Lord. After much study 1 & 2 seem to cover the spectrum.

  • jam

    designs: So funny, you will burn in hell.

  • thecrushed

    Those who question the Society become Christians. Those who question the bible become agnostic/atheist/humanists. I broke through both walls and now see reality as it really is as ugly wonderful and scary as that is.

  • designs

    Does having blue wings give you a better perspective

  • jam

    thecrused: Well said!!!!

  • Bob_NC

    Har har for sure. If anyone accused me of being agnostic or atheist or humanist I would not take offense. I used to think that being atheist was hardcore. Now I see the atheist label as simply meaning that I don't know what god is and therefore can't claim it. I am likely more humanist than anything. I believe that humans are here doing their own thing for the very short amount of time that any one of us is given.

    Please anyone, comment on how long in months was the gap from being a JW nonbeliever to becoming a Bible or traditional god nonbeliever? I have forgotten how long for me. Maybe it was several months or a year? But the total disbelief followed closely behind the JW disbelief, something like the horsemen of the apocalypse.

  • jam

    Bob; I hope I understand your question but for me it

    took a few years. After realizing I was in a cult I begain

    my deep study of the bible. So from a non-JW believer to

    a non-bible believer, 5-10 years. And like you I feel comfortable

    in telling people, I don't know. At one time I thought I knew (JW) and

    that was very humiliating and humbling to realize I had been bamboozled.

  • Bob_NC

    Ah yes, I understand, jam. For some months after leaving "the truth", and maybe it was a year or more, I still believed the Bible. But I had a nagging suspicion that the Bible was full of holes too. I just wasn't ready for that to crumble into pieces too.

    Sure enough, when I began to investigate the Bible like I had the WT, it fell apart too. I'm not mad. Just like you, I don't know any more and will be content to finish my days not knowing. I don't think that humans have the capability to know for sure. But, the abscence of evidence its enough for some.

  • oldregretfuljwx2

    My first doubts came from reading the bible from front to back. I read it in less than a week. I was astounded and wondered how that god could be worthy of worship! He was a vindictive murderer. Jesus was more mellow but still YHWH, Jehovah only protected his Kings and prophets. Kinda. Everyone else had no value, just someone to kill when he had a hissy fit. So I started going to history books and as I've posted before discovered the origins of YHWH and how he was one of over 70 gods in a pantheon of gods and was just a tribal war god who was transformed into an invisible almighty god. As made up as any of the other 2000-3000 gods I didn't believe in. Religion is all about power over people to glean resources from them and to control them to the benefit of the leaders or the religion as a whole. I'm done with it all and I wish I'd read history books 50 years ago.

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