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  • Tech49

    Does anyone have Crisis of Conscience in a digital format, or PDF? Any other books that would be worth my time? The one by Steve H ?

    I am at a point now where I would like to start reading it and/or them.

    PM me.


  • Comatose
  • Tech49

    Well howdy doody then!

    Thanks bunches!

  • Simon

    Although it is available on some sites, I think it is worthwhile buying it from a legitimate source so that Ray's widow can benefit from the proceeds.

  • Comatose

    No problem. I had a real fullblown panick attack reading it. Started feeling claustrophobic and couldn't breathe. You seem to be farther along than I was though when I read it. It's a good book. I wish he was still alive as I'd like to thank him and meet him.

  • Comatose

    If there was a charity or caregiver for Ray's widow I'd donate money in a heartbeat.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Simon, not everyone reads this/your Board. So people are still buying Ray's books. And that is wonderful. I believe Ray Franz would feel honored if his Crisis of Conscience book was available, here, on this Discussion Forum, free, for anyone to read. Why would I say that when his widow can use the money? Most JW's know they are not supposed to "buy" his book. If it was available, like the above, to click and scroll, more would read it, and wake up, and leave. Some JW's who were true believers for decades, probably don't have a great financial leg to stand on. Some don't want a charge or debit to show up and have to explain what they bought. There are all kinds of scenearios out there. As far as Ray's widow being in financial straits, are you saying no ex-JW who has the means to make her life easier, haven't done it, yet? If no one with money has helped out their fellow exBro and exSis in need, then shame on them. The potential of helping hundreds of people with Ray's book(s) leave The Watchtower, is huge. His wife needs compensation. This needs to be figured out. Just Lois

  • jgnat

    Yes, it's called copyright.

  • mouthy

    I did used to Call Cynthia. Rays Wife ( Havent for a few months)
    But I believe Dan & Debbie Dykstra are handling her book now

  • blondie

    If Ray would have wanted that Lois he would have set up his estate that way. He wanted control and care of his books handled by his heirs and their designees. As jgnat said, the books are still under copyright. I'm sure you didn't mean anything bad. I'm hoping that Cynthia's helpers can keep going with the book distribution.

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