Witnesses knocking on $375M bldg. sale

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  • designs

    Are they building a Golf couse in up State NY.

  • ShirleyW

    I saw the article in the NYPost today, just five or six of their properties were listed.

    What i want to know is regarding the GB who are basically the CEOs of the borg, what other CEOs of corporation do you know of that live dormitory style and have scheduled times for all their meals? How are they getting there payoff from all this money? Or their secret houses on Long island or Connecticut, do they have private jets to the Carribean Islands or something?

    THey don't even have any kids to leave money to, if they're satisfied without reaping the benefits of all that dough they're more brainwashed than their millions of bllind followers

  • biometrics
    How are they getting there payoff from all this money?

    Ahh the old 'Cui bono' argument. I've heard it many time from JW's. In fact many of use it as proof that the Watchtower is God's earthly organisation.

    That same argument could be applied to many organisations. Even terrorist organisations!

    While not directly accessing Watchtower funds the GB have cocooned themselves in an environment that suits their needs, and provides a secure lifestyle for them. They also have a certian amout of power, and possibly servants within their headquarters. They also have the warm fuzzy feeling that everything they do has God's blessing.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Yeah I have a hard time not bursting into laughter at the meetings when letters are read which are essentially the WT asking for more money. Fuck you guys. All this stuff was built and renovated with donations and free labor. Now you're flipping it for multiple times what you put into it.

    And as others have said, I guess Armageddon isn't coming until at least 2017 :)


    How can they sell anything while the Cadice Conti case is still going? I thought they were not allowed to do any selling? Anyone?!

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