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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Much has been written about the expected noo bible. So, the DCs have mostly come and gone. There are new releases of material indistinguishable from previous stuff. There is a “new” book with reprints of old articles all received with polite applause and yawns.

    Where the hell are the bibles? It has been impossible to get one for something like a year. The rumor now is that there is a big hush, hush, printing job for next year, 2014. In the UK there is an attempt to have all the (international) conventions at the same time.

    If this is the release of the new bible then the WTBibleTS will have been out of the business of distributing bibles for two years. This, just to build up the release of the new edition.

    How corporate is that? It is like the release of a new iPad but much more clumsy. Will it have a high resolution cover? Will it be self studying? Will it be backlit to read in the dark? Possibly it will open itself to Matthew 24:43 and pop out a new generation interpretation. How about the book of 20 th C Acts with apostles Joe and Nathan etc.

    The WTBS who can't even distribute bibles? They are not fit for purpose.

    Any way in this fast approaching time of the end, there appear to be two years when tracts, leaflets, invitations and the odd book are more important than God’s word the bible.

  • Crazyguy

    Maybe they intend to make a bible app for peoples phones etc. Or maybe its a strategy to imply that yes we can't get bibles because the end is so close that what's the point in printing a book to big for people to read in the little time left. If they use the second one then i'm sure they can get the rank and file to run around preaching like their heads were cut of like chickens. It would be funny to see.

  • GromitSK

    Maybe they've decided you don't really need one as its all explained in the Washtowel magazine.

  • oppostate

    Having had one of the new grey leatherette and silver edged bibles with the new appendixes in my hand I can say that I was not very impressed with the fact that the CO's who'd been given one had to turn it back in.

    Why did they have to turn them back in?

    Was there some error? Did thousands of Bibles get printed only to be shredded?

    Or did they make a business decision that it would be too costly to make them currently?

    It seems the latter is the case. There have been too many folks "giving" away Bibles with the plasticky covers.

    Not enough contributions were donated for these cheap Bibles. The new covers were supposed to cut down the price by a US dollar per copy.

    Or so we were told. The Friends didn't even contribute a dollar per copy when all was said, printed, shipped, picked up and placed.

    In other words, Bible printing was losing the WTS money and that was a big "No, no!".

    The new grey Bibles underwent a trial to see what publishers thought and would they contribute enough to make money on them.

    Obviously the answer is "No!" Not unless all the cheap Bibles are gone.

    When the only Bible you can get is the new one. There'll be a lot of "encouragement" to donate what a retail leather covered Bible would cost at a bookstore. Then, the hope is to make some good bucks on the ol' Scriptures.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The plot thickens, we in the UK have not seen a plastic grey bible. Perhaps it was a beta copy. I think suggestions as to what the GB should do with this marketing oportunity would be interesting.

    Perhaps it will include the apophryca, the book of Judith would be good. I think they are fighting the impulse to include "new scrolls", maybe they have some silver tablets that have mysteriously disapeared. The possibilities are endless.

  • oldregretfuljwx2

    I really think this is something to watch. 40 years ago as I studied with Catholic householders we used the Catholic history of witholding the bible from the rank and file as a marker of how Catholism was false religon. However in the years since the Watchtower has taken the stance that Bible was written principally for the leaders. Members don't have to try to reason the bible out, the watchtower does it for us. The society has a history of condeming the catholic church one year then later adopting the same practices themselves. Offhand one example I can think of is the 1947 article that condemns the catholic church for excommunication then 5 years later using the same scriptures the Society introduced disfellowshipping. I think it's a long shot to say they'll not publish more bibles for the rank and file but it bears watching.

  • konceptual99

    They are getting many more congregations around the world tied into the annual meeting this year. Many UK congregations are going to sessions at the assembly halls, both live and recorded. Given the new sh/l-ite from last year perhaps they are reserving some announcement for then? Pure speculation. The point on there not being any scholars any more in the WTS is perhaps more telling however - perhaps there is no new bible and we are going to have to use a third party translation in the future...

  • cantleave

    Woohoo a new Bible, I wonder if they will replace "God's name" with FDS.

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