Canada police say 5 dead, about 40 missing after oil train blast

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    This is horrible. Train derailment happened in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Officials expect the death toll to increase. Some news reports I've read say the train was carrying crude oil from North Dakota to Canadian oil refineries.

    No doubt this will increase the debate on what is the safer means of transporting oil across land.....pipelines or railroads.

  • Simon

    Yeah, that's awful. Calgary has a ton of CP rail lines going through it ... makes you think !

  • Hummingbird001

    The U.S. based firm Rail World, Inc. owns MM Rail and operates nearly 20 rail lines throughout the world covering millions of miles of track. Canadian residents were quick to point out the U.S. connection.

    American oil firms have a long history of environmental disasters, typically caused by failed safety standards. Most recently, in March 2013 an Exxon Mobil pipeline exploded in Mayflower, Arkansas.
  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I was suprised to see that these trains can be left unattended. Thank goodness it wasn't tankcars of LPG material, or more people could have been killed. With the construction of new pipelines being held up by political & environmental debate, more or more crude oil products are being transported by railroad nowadays.

  • Satanus

    Lac megantic is way up there, in the boonies. Don't what all those tank cars would be doing up there. Maybe, they a method of storage. Guess, i should check it out.


  • prologos

    satanus, well it is not THAT bad as an special pioneer assignment, eastern townships

    Tragic to die like that. probably center of town, where special pioneers would rent an upper suite as a pioner home above a store.

    If it had happened in the 50s, 60s the tragedy would have hit close to the wt worker bees.

    The town has still "heavenly interests"

    Quebecs Astro-observatory is there

    or does "Yole"still ring a bell?

    crude oil would burn not explode.

    trains in these towns are legend:

    The local priest is rumored to pay the enginer/drivers to blow the whistle,/horn during the night

    to wake up the populace to facilitate fullfilling of the mandate to fill the earth.

    the revenge of the cradle.

    wounds will heal.

    would have been a great time of the angel out of the 3 hebrews furnace, to show his stuff and protect some innocents, for all cameras to see.

    to prove that the wt hope is real.

    that they really exist.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I have much experience with transporting oil products by pipe & rail. I think transporting by pipe is the best means, but you need to pressure companies & regulators to put the extra money into proper routes, upgraded metallurgy and top quality engineers & craftspeople working on these pipeline projects.

  • Satanus


    I remember it for a 2 day hall build. It was the first one in quebec, i believe. I worked my guts out, on that one. I think, i also painted a ct garage, there. Ct paid a lot more than the jws did.


  • jgnat

    Calgary narrowly escaped a similar fate, when a bridge collapsed under six oil tankers, five of which were full of combustibles. Kudos to the Calgary crew, who cautiously anchored the tanks, drained them, and moved them.

  • jgnat

    Mayor Nimshi asked aloud if municipalities might have a stronger say on inspections and maintenance of rails lines through his city. After all, it was his crews that mitigated the disaster.

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