So Why Do They Need The Money?

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  • dozy

    I'm not in the congregation any longer , but it does seem really odd.

    Trying to discern the machinations behind the goings on of the WTBTS is like trying to discern who is really in charge in North Korea - just snippets & rumours here and there.

    It almost seems something like "empire building" by the new GB. The old , more "conservative" ( with a small C " ) guys ( like Barr etc ) have died off to be replaced by these odd younger characters who seem to be very much "puffed up with pride". They've quickly redefined the faithful & discreet slave as themselves and are very disparaging of non GB " anointed" ones. They like to promote themselves through numerous zone visits & big talks as well as the JW media stuff. Years ago most JWs would struggle to name one member of the GB ( maybe the President ) whereas now they are all household names in the congregations. I sat through a family gathering a few months ago & constantly when the conversation went on JW matters the JW relatives name checked various members of the GB who were regarded as really special people.

    Fundamentally the whole business model has shifted from the selling of religious literature to building & flipping real estate. That is hugely profitable ( the bulk of the cost of any building - 60%-70% is labour - get it virtually free and it is like having a license to print money ) but it does require a lot of cash up front ( as well as a constant supply of gullible drones who think they are doing "God's will" at their own expense ). Hence the constant encouragement to donate , donate & donate and the grab of money from the congregations savings.

  • Finkelstein

    The Kingdom of the Watchtower Corporation which the GB sit upon as its rulers is vast and world wide.

    How else could men who didn't even finish high school position themselves with all of that controlling power and wealth ?

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    So we have no tithing, but are always asking for $$$. Same thing!!!


  • Crazyguy
    They need more do to inflation and people just not able to contribute as much anymore. Think about it, real enflation is upon us and here in the USA one can see it. A big Mac is 5 bucks and that's just the burger. This is the country that's able to print money out of thin air, what about the rest of the world that can not. Thier enflation rate is going to be even higher. So the WT is probably getting less based on inflation and the only real source of capital is going to be only from a few countries, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and maybe Japan. Everyone else is only sending in a pittance.
  • Terry

    Remember the RICO charges leveled against the WTS, using a Kingdom Hall as a money laundering scheme?

    Had that case been properly executed with the assistance of actual attorneys we might have seen a much different outcome.


    A tax-exempt religion is just a playground for malfeasance.

    Cue up the Scientology documentary and watch it happen. . .

  • Vidiot

    I gotta say; Outlaw's take on it is really hard to argue with!


    Know what? I actually hope the WTS does end up selling everything off, even if it nets them a metric f**k-ton of money.

    The sooner they transition into an internet-exclusive religion, the easier it'll be for people to leave.

  • Finkelstein

    At a time when the WTS has never been richer in its entire history, this can we have more money is a bit

    disconcerting. I still think it has something to do with the new HQ branch in England they are planning to build.

  • Vidiot

    Hey, Outlaw's post reminds me of the scene in Robocop (the 1997original) where two of the bad guys - Dougie and Emil - are having a conversation:


    Dougy: "We keep robbin' banks but we never get to keep the money."

    Emil: "Takes money to make money. We steal money to buy coke then sell the coke to make even more money. Capital investment, man."

    Dougy: "Yeah, but why bother making it when we can just steal it?"

    Emil: "No better way of stealing than free enterprise."


    Knowledge is power. Money is power gained from knowledge. Denying a sub-group knowledge, denies them money as well. This ensures a never-ending cycle of abuse that benefits the abusing person or group.

    Here is story to explain WHY the WTBTS needs money.

    Mr. X, doesn't like to work. He views the world as unfair. He is afraid of the world, everyone is out to get him.

    Mr. X notices that others are also afraid of the world, espescially of people who are different. Mr. X decides to "protect" his people. He starts visiting everyone he knows and asking for "protection money." He assures everyone that if they don't pay, bad things will happen. The fearful people pay Mr. X "voluntarily." It seems that his methods are a bit off, but the world is corrupt after all. It's better to have the protection of Mr. X.

    Some people are not doing well financially, there are so many bills to pay. Medical bills, insurance, gas, utilities, and of course the voluntary tribute to Mr. X. Still they think, " Oh! How hard things would be without the protection by Mr. X!"

    Some go to Mr. X's mansion and ask for a "loan." Mr. X gladly helps his people, and the interest is so small! He continues to "protect" his people of course! He even registers as a charitable organization!

    Then one day, Mr X's organization is in trouble. It seems that bad people have been doing bad things. The charitable status is being questioned! Mr. X forgives all debts owed to him.

    Mr. X sends his helpers out to the neighborhoods to "remind" everyone about how great he is and how he "protects" them. Bad things happen to those who question Mr. X's methods, so he must be right!

    Everyone continues to voluntarily donate money to Mr. X and live happily ever after.


  • kairos

    Aren't all the RTOs that will cost $1mil or more each just going to be some offices with adjoining luxury accommodations?

    Did I hear 150 proposed locations or no?

    Like the one in South Florida?

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