So Why Do They Need The Money?

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  • konceptual99

    So, as well reported, the latest JW Broadcasting show is all about giving money. As far as the WT Society goes they have been pretty candid about there not being enough funds to meet the expenditure. There are plenty of views on if this is really the case or not but underlying this is why are they spending so much money?

    They have several branch new builds and refurbishments going on. I am aware of the US, UK, France, South Africa and Cameroon.

    They are building these Regional Translations Offices.

    These could be seen as valid infrastructure works and money needed for them, regardless of what could be released through the sale of existing real estate.

    The one thing I really wonder about however is the number of Kingdom Halls being worked on. Why do they need to do thousands of KH works in the US, UK and Western Europe? There are few congregations without a hall. Few that have outgrown their's or have something that is not more than serviceable for another 5-10 years. I can only assume that the push to do loads of KH building work in areas already well served by halls is to ensure ownership is forced from the hands of the local congregation to the WTS through the "carrot" of a new hall for "free", which they are then guilt tripped into creating a perpetual donation arrangement on.

    They seem desperate to rush into this and either have not counted the cost, miscalculated the donations that would come in under the new arrangements or simply want more.

    If they were promoting a building programme through poorer areas where there are no halls then you could understand the need but this is simple asset grabbing.

    Do they really need to be doing all this building work? Would not their existing facilities make do until the end of the system? Could the work be stretched over a longer period to avoid burdening hard pressed brothers and sisters? Not a chance. I have never seen such a blatant plea for cash as this video. I have never seen a the need so fabricated, simply by the desire to invest in property as quickly as possible.

    I will be very interested to get feedback from ones in the congregation about how they really feel about all of this...

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "I can only assume that the push to do loads of KH building work in areas already well served by halls is to ensure ownership is forced from the hands of the local congregation to the WTS..."

    As far as I'm aware, that little problem was put to bed when the Org instigated the Kingdom Hall Trust - and effectively "protected" every KH from being taken over by awakened sheep & Elders.

  • Vidiot

    konceptual99 - "So Why Do They Need The Money?"

    They may be flush in assets and investments, but an organization like the WTS is more dependent on regular revenue flow to remain solvent.

    And I suspect the revenue flow just ain't what it used to be (donations in the Western World have pretty much plateaued), and that they're liquidating more and more of their property holdings to make up the shortfall ('cause despite the membership growth there, the dirt-poor Third World can't afford to shore them up).

  • oppostate

    So Why Do They Need The Money?

    Because they love it and the power of having it!

    Just a handfull of years ago all throughout New England they merged congregations and sold off old buildings now there's a supposed need for more halls and more contributions. What a bunch of greedy money grabbers!

  • hoser
    Pedophile out of court settlements cost a lot of money these days.
  • done4good

    Vidiot has it pretty much right...

    With the addition of that all of the efforts taking place are being done to help sustain long-term solvency.


  • TTATTelder

    They aren't hurting for money. They are just missing donation projections. They want to hit their numbers, like any business, to meet their goals for expansion (read - future luxury accommodations). Numbers are down... so instead of running a promotion or sale or hiring new sales people like other businesses would, they send Lett on the broadcast to talk to the "friends" about their "dedication to Jehovah". Guilt sells in religion land.

    Astonishing - if you think it is supposed to be the "Truth" of all the universe backed by the Holy Magic of Jah.

    If you see them as just another group of swinging di**s looking for a score, then it's completely predictable.



    So Why Do They Need The Money?

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  • TTATTelder

    LOL Outlaw.... good stuff!


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I'm with OUTLAW! This is what the WTBTS is and has always been about...

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