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  • JeffT

    Latest is up, this one is on the keynote address. I think they inadvertently told the truth about their relationship to the Governing Body.

  • leaving_quietly

    I had to listen to this one, and something struck me about these organizational adjustments (which they say was just a big word for "changes"). In my head, I was comparing each one to what a company does. These do not amount to organizational changes (save maybe #4).

    1) A separate study edition of the Watchtower - product change
    2) Introduction of a public edition of the magazine - product change
    3) Reduction of the Awake magazine to sixteen pages - product change
    4) Combining midweek meetings, leaving a night free for personal or family study - organization change?
    5) Arrangement for Pioneers (full-time preachers) to attend the Pioneer school twice - policy change
    6) A Bible School for Christian couples - product change
    7) Greater use of audio and video productions - sales / marketing change
    8) A redesigned website - product / marketing change
    9) Expanded efforts at preaching in Public places - marketing change
    10) New “Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses - new product

    They go on to tell us to support these changes. Which ones could the individual JW actually NOT support? #4 is the only one that really qualifies, and even that's iffy.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Thank you Jeff, I briefly read your blog and scanned it for further reading.

    PS In your Blog, you mentioned old JW friends from 40 years ago, who are still waiting for the Big "A" and their promised reward of paradise on earth, while you and your family have successfully moved on, and are enjoying your life now.

    I am so happy you and your family woke up, as I am happy, my daughter and I woke up too.

    Just Lois

  • Jeffro

    What is "Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses"? Is it a new Reasoning book?

  • Phizzy

    Its just a short instruction as follows :

    1) Only research within WT published material,

    2) Keep off the Internet.

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