Contributing factor to Roman Catholics converting to JW

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  • NeverKnew

    GromitSK and Juan:

    You might agree that there is an inherent mistrust across all churches for people who rail against other denominations. It's considered inappropriate and disrespectful. I'm blown away when I read JW material that speaks condescendingly about other Christians. That's foreign to me.

    Grom, I suspect we'd be more educated on defending our denominational affiliations if we were trained like the JWs to do so. But then... I see where arrogance and hatred towards others would easily creep in. "Love" at this point would be lip service and we'd be loving only those who think like us.

    Most non-JWs are unaware of JW beliefs and challenges. I really wish that weren't the case.

    And also with you, Juan

  • juanvazquez88

    thanks brothers, i will keep you informed...

  • GromitSK

    Hi Neverknew

    I guess in some ways I understand the JW tactic. Like many religions, their followers are convinced that they have the truth exclusively. The corollary of that is that everyone else is wrong or course :)

    It would be more helpful if religions taught their followers the analytical skills required to decide their religious opinions for themselves but I guess that would defeat their object.

  • marriedtoajw

    I think I can hit the nail on the head on this and feel qualified as I was raised in a nominal Catholic home, married to a jw, I have a bunch of Catholic relatives of which a small few converted to the JW's. Most Catholics, even nominal ones, are use to structure, organization, authority and have a high regard of scripture, even if they don't know it very well. Catholics, in my experience, respect scripture so much that they dare not try to interpret it for themselves and can't understand why others, protestants, think they can and get it right. So because JW's are trained in prostelitizing, a Catholic will more than likely be ill equipped to defend their faith when attacked. When JW's present arguments that the Catholic can not refute scritpurally, they get angry at Clergy for not aggressively equipping them with so much on the line, enternal salvation. Catholics, just like most people I think, have a hard time blaming themselves for their spiritual formation. After all, The Church offers much in the way of education to equip, but Catholics are not forced to educate themselves or monitored in any way to do so. It takes a lot of time and study to be able to defend ones faith when attacked and the lack of Church control over the individual Catholic is condusive to JW's taking advantage.

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