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  • LouBelle

    hey everyone. So I left the old company behind, the one that wasn't paying me. They still owe me a little bit of money but have them on record and signed documentation that I'll receive payment by the close of this month.

    I have started with a company called Media 24 as a sales rep. I sell for a selection of community newspapers called The Fever. There is no base to work from so it's a lot of cold calling, but that is okay. It's in a field I feel better in and enjoy. I have been here for 5 days and have made a ton of calls. I have my first appointment on Monday - hoping that I get an advert or 2 out of it.

    As for my mental state...I'm doing so much better. Leaving that negative environment has helped, the medication I take has helped, feeling a bit more hopeful about the future. I feel calmer and enjoying taking one day / one step at a time.

    Here's to moving forward.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Congrats on the new job, LouBelle!

    Good Luck!


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am so glad. I suffer depression also and it is so hard, I could so totally relate to you when you were going through your problems. Being around a negative environment such as a work place or being around people who dislike you and for me that was at the KH and out in field service pioneering put me in such a dark place. You must have people around you and in your life who at the best treat you like a human who has a right to breathe air to go as far to actually like you. I know for me sitting in a car group with other JW's who made it clear that they hated me and then going to a job with people who disliked me because of my religion was what really caused my illness. I am so glad you got out of that job and that toxic environment, no amount of money is worth it.

    I am just so happy for you to be over the deep part of the depression. You seem like such a great person and it broke my heart to read how sad you were I am so glad that things are turing around for you and I am truly sending good thoughts toward you that the new job goes well.


  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Congratulations LouBelle! That is good news and I hope this job will work out very well for you. I am also happy to hear you are feeling better mentally. It takes time for the meds to work but it sounds like you are on the right track. Keep up the good work!

  • Honesty


    I hope you sell pages and pages and pages of advertising space!

    I hope you sell so much that teh paper has to add another 10 pages to the Classified section every day.

  • gorgia2


    Well done! I wish you all the best in your new job. From your posts I'd say you have the charming personality required for cold-calling - go get 'em!


  • ThisFellowCheap

    I clink your glass, LouBelle!

  • Mum


  • crmsicl

    nice to hear

  • Ding

    Glad to hear things are going better for you.

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