Don't You Have Faith??????

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  • sd-7

    Another prime example of how basic human feeling is stifled by WT indoctrination. But frankly, I think even the WT wouldn't approve of talking to a fellow brother or sister that way (at least in the textbook). It's just some people take their own extreme view and reason that a person who grieves a lot is lacking in faith somehow.

    Some people would earn a fat lip for saying something like that to somebody at a time like that. Unbelievable. Then again, I somewhat identify. I can remember grieving over someone being DF'd and a sister coming up to me and saying, "Maybe it was for the best." One brother even had the nerve to grab my arm and literally clamp down so that I wouldn't walk away while he was trying to his offer his 'comforting words'.

    It's effed up, that's all I can say.


  • TOTH

    I appreciate all of your comment and I thank you all for them,

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