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  • molybdenum

    Last week in my KH there was a resolution put before the congregation.

    I forget what it was for but it involved some expenditure from the

    congregation account.

    I have sat through many of these but I have never seen a dissenter.

    I felt like dissenting but I never put my hand up when it was asked if anyone

    does not agree with the resolution.

    What happens if someone does disagree?

    I guess the resolution will pass but what would happen to the Brother

    who dissents?

    Back room job?


    Just wondering if this has ever happened.

  • designs

    Shepherding Call and possible Marking.

  • OnTheWayOut

    our presiding overseer called a body of elders meeting and said that we were going to ask the congregation to pay a large cost for a new fence. He never asked at the elders meeting if we had any questions or were against it. So when the vote took place and it was asked if anyone had had questions, I raise my hand said that it was rather expensive and there were some other alternatives. Because I raise my hand, other people objected also but not verbally. they just voted no with me. The yes vote still carried it. The presiding overseer did pull me aside and give me a verbal chewing out about why I embarrassed him in front of the congregation. I informed him that he never gave us a chance in the back room to voice our concerns so I said them for the congregation. I also asked what were you hiding anyway. Nothing negative resulted for me besides that.

  • ThisFellowCheap

    Okay, here's one: my dad raised a resolution once, and my mum was the first to object, then me. You could hear a pin drop in the Kingdom Hall that day! Actually, we forgot we were not at home where every voice counted (probably because twas my dad on the platform). My dad was very bitter at the KH and spoke very curtly at us from the platform but when we got home and simmer down (and mum had a good cry as she was not accustomed to hearing abuses from her hubby unlike many wives in the neighbourhood and congo), he apologised and thought we could have a good laugh over it. Well, pity on him, he got a serious verbal run-down from the rest of the family, including my younger siblings. Well, needless to say, given my mum's clout for giving practical solutions to stuff and the respect they have for her in the home cong, her dissenting opinion was considered at the BOE meeting and voted for at the next meeting. Little wonders one of my dad's elder friends once described my mum as, "a brainy jewel but an embarassment-of-an-African wife!"

    Another one I saw, a village cong I associated with once, the women there were very vocal at a meeting during a resolution. When the presiding overseer asked from the platform why the rancour, the leading woman said that the men were always the first to support resolutions but always the last to pay or support it! Me and my friends from school could barely suppress our shock and laughter till we left the KH premises. Till I left the JWs, me and my friends always made a joke out of it, and it never went stale!

    Yet another: In a sister congo, the congregation once dissented against what they considered the white-elephant projects of the BOE, the arguments got tense till the super-rich PO then announced from the platform that they should all shut their traps, he was gonna foot the major of the bills afterall. Well fallout, when CO came around, the BOE was disbanded, and the rancour grew...

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