Where has the money gone??????

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  • gingerbread

    I'm not a headquarters 'insider', but I have long time friends who are in position and are active in the expansion project. From what I understand the liquidation of the Brooklyn properties was being set in motion a decade ago - for multiple reasons. One was the impracticality of owning so many buildings throughout the borough. Another was the increasing costs and amount of time required to maintaining these properties/keeping them up to code.

    So the reasoning was to move upstate, consolidate all the offices and residences and make something brand spanking new.

    Why they chose to relocate to Warwick is something I don't have an answer to. In my mind it would have made much better economic sense to settle in the middle of the US - to be centrally located and where land is much more affordable.

  • Heartofaboy

    Where did the money go from the sale of the Spanish Bethel?

    Did it stay in Spain?

  • blondie

    I think that 9/11 was the motivating factor for the WTS to get out of Dodge...Brooklyn.

    They built a property during the WW2 for possible retreat (South Lansing?). Rutherford thought that the US and UK would lose WW2.

    I'm sure other events escalated the plan.

    Are there laws preventing the moving of cash from Spain to the US. The corporations in Spain is the a US control factor legally.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Though they don't charge for mags anymore at the door, all RnF book counter purchases and new releases (DVDs/etc) is another income driving opportunity. Millions of JW's will be buying the "new bible" for themselves and gifts....$$$$$$$$$

    At the time I was wondering too if 911 is what pushed them to make the move too.....

  • Gayle

    The WTS is selling high-rise prominent properties in Brooklyn for multimillions$$$ to build new and better buildings upstate NY, but cannot print or provide new Bibles for their people. ???

  • HBH

    To me, this is a key factor in TTATT. The hiding of information and lack of transparency. Here is a report that shows the money they get for holding a convention. In this case, Raleigh, NC. They don't tell the attendees about this. That is scamming outright.



  • Bugbear

    According to the WTBS ”all spiritual” things is free. But there are always money boxes for contribution spenders in all KH and Convention halls. But the thing is, that all KH, and convention halls and branch offices, are “gifts” from dedicated members and people who free and voluntary offers their labors, minds and money sometimes their whole life. All these building built by congregation members is “handed over” (with papers of ownership) to the large org. WBTS, controlled by 8 men.

    They can whenever they want “cash in” the value (millions of dollar), and spend them on bonds in Cayman Island, or pension funds for themselves. A majority of JW.s don’t realize these facts. Another disturbing fact is that the Society, is registered as a church and aid organis., which make them a non-profitable org. liberated from all taxation according to American law. The GB don´t even have to declare one cent of what they have given away to needed people. No wonder why the GB is so greedy.


  • Heartofaboy

    There is far too much the dubbies do not know about the WT corporation & that is the way the corporation likes it.

    The less the sheeples know of their grubby dealings the easier they are to control.

    In fact the dubbies are like mushrooms...........kept in the dark & fed on horse sh$$........................er........ 'NEW light'.

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