On being constantly scrutinized by the invisble world of gods and demons

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  • Terry

    A religious person carries with them a concern (reasonably SHOULD be concerned) that non-believers do not share.

    For the religious believer there is a very real dimension of beings who are actively invasive in human affairs.

    These beings are angels, demons, Jinns, gods, spirits, ghosts---you name it--scrutinizing our every move, reading our minds (some say) and

    greatly aroused by women in a sexual way!

    Indeed, the scriptures do not blush to inform us that angels lusted after women in times past and impregnated them successfully!

    Presumably, God himself can peer into our bedroom to evaluate the sexual preferences of humanity and audit the very thoughts within

    our skulls so as to accuse or excuse the intangible and momentary lascivious consciousness of our corrupt musings, lusts and reveries.

    Mary's womb received heavenly ghost semen to produce a starchild named Jesus (well, you call it what YOU prefer!) and an entire planet has faced

    the cultic preoccupation of humans enthralled by that manifestation.

    The Devil, Satan, and his angry demon hordes can infest us, tempt us, invade our dwelling and shake our bed. The Gadarenes in Jesus time

    dealt with an apalling infestation with one man, Legion, somehow inhabited by 6,000 demons all at once! Makes one wonder aloud how tiny these brutes must be?

    Do we really have to submit to such surveillance 24/7? Hasn't God and his minions gone too far? Is there no such thing as PRIVACY if you are a believer? Even after death you cannot escape! The majority of religious faithful are fully indoctrinated in the apalling idea that we cannot escape the celestial jailers on the other side of death. Exasperatingly, for all eternity there is not a second of privacy or escape from mind-reading and thought crime!

    Isn't it really REVEALING of the mind who believes such things how unhealthy these ruminations are?

    Does this not border on fringe sanity?

    When I was an active Jehovah's Witness I prayed silently because JEHOVAH COULD READ MY THOUGHTS!

    As far as I knew, there was no "off" button to prevent less praiseworthy eavesdropping on the corrupt roster of my predilections!

    Fess up--aren't you slightly ashamed that you ---as a believer---must confess to embracing all such scrutiny from which you cannot ever be free??

    Doesn't it ever seem slightly perverse?

    How can you defend it?

  • Shador
    scrutinizing our every move, reading our minds (some say) andgreatly aroused by women in a sexual way

    Are all gods like this? or just the Jehovahist one?

    Christ seems a nice fellow, if a bit naive about human nature. It's his followers that made all the daft sex rules, IIRC.

    And while my particular batch of gods, as with most pagan pantheons, is known to have a fondness for mortal women, they generally tend to have better things to do than poking around human minds, or watching us 24/7. So long as proper sacrifice and homage is rendered, they're cool.

  • villagegirl

    Some explanations offered by various philosophies:

    (1) God and you are the same.

    (2) Our goal is to reunite to the Godhead.

    (3) God is an observer and the first cause, but does not intervene.

    (4) God does intervene but in no predictable pattern. (Jewish )

    (5) We are all one, as Jesus said; "I am in you and you are in me and we are one."

    (6) All control is an illusion ( Budhist )

    (7) All suffering is an illusion ( Christian Science )

    (8) Death is the same as life ( Hindu )

    (9) You exist in various dimensions simultaneously ( String Theory )

    (10) Or Not. ( Uncertainty Principle )

    These are the principles I live by, sometimes.

  • Kojack57

    Terry: For 6,000 demons to possess one man, that man would be one bad Mamerjammer

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Does anyone wonder why no angels were attracted to human men? The OT is obsessed with women as property.My JW male relatives, esp. the Bethel crowd, felt all women did was seduce asexual men

    It runs counter to science. TheTaliban are similar

    My doctor was on duty at Bellevue on 9/11. Hequipped about the American imposed solution-send their women to college. This alone would be sufficient payback.

  • Terry

    I'm not sure anybody has yet addressed the aspect of being WATCHED surreptitiously!

    Jehovah and demons are peeping Toms!

    What about the ethics of being SEEN by God against our own will?

    Does this not identify the realm of the Divine as ---to employ Christopher Hitchen's pet phrase---a "celestial dictatorship"?

    Doesn't it creep anybody out that there is NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY to an all-watching spirit world?

    Even if we die we cannot ever escape the watchful scrutiny (inside our own mind) of God!

    Why should we accept this as a mere commonplace, "ho hum" as it were? Too much conditioning without protest or self-reflection???

  • fakesmile

    i hate the idea of feeling watched. but im not worried about an invisible thing. im worried about the gubment.

  • Terry

    Jehovah is watching!

  • SeventhSojourn

    Terry, is he making a list of who's naughty or nice? Does he check it twice? No... wait a minute. That was the freelancer Santa, one of his surveillance subcontractors. Yes the whole thing seems perverse, though as a jw I just could not see it. I cannot defend it.

  • Terry

    It should creep out all the JW sisters!

    But, naturally, they don't think of it that way. They can't afford to.

    After the movie THE EXORCIST became an international blockbuster the Watchtower printed reams of articles about demonic attack to jump

    on the bandwagon.

    As the years have gone by the "spiritual warfare" aspect has been toned down. But, it is very much in existence!

    Peek-a-boo, the demons are watching you!

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