Have The Witnesses Changed All That Much In The Last Few Years?

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  • minimus

    When I was in it, especially as a young person, it was rules oriented but not like it is now. To me, the religion is a lot more fanatical than ever before....what do you think? Is it the same religion even as it was 20 years ago?

  • clarity

    Geez minimus ..are you tiring out, I don't

    see you on here so much ...hope you are alright!

    Since 1959 things have changed drastically, you can see

    the foundations really wobbling in the last 20 years.

    They seem desperate ... the inmates are getting meaner

    by the day. So many running dragging around with pinched

    little mouths & sad faces. The pressure from brooklyn is getting

    so crazy ....no one can even explain the doctrines anymore.

    Parents told to shun their children, name calling ...publically!

    What the heck are they preaching D2D ..... not much left to

    preach about!


  • Crazyguy

    The religion no longer has 'that its about to be then end do to the 1914 generation' so even though they try to push the 'end is about to hit at any moment' it doesn't have the same power. Also since they no longer have this and alot of there other dogma is old i think they have less to talk about so they are more about just fluff topics and of course there always brainwashing.

  • slimboyfat

    There is not the sense of community that there once was. No book study groups, no pre-Watchtower study groups, no large gatherings. The community is sucked right out of the thing.

  • Iamallcool

    I think it is all the same.

  • wizzstick

    Last Sundays WT perfectly sums up the JW's today.

    It's not about 'deep' scriptural discussion.

    It's no longer about prophetic understanding around kings of the north and south, or wheels within wheels, or revelations to John.

    It's about obedience to the organisation. Sundays WT made the structure clear and the message was go to meetings, go on the ministry, confess your sins to elders and get their help. Was their any mention of apologising to God through Jesus for your sins? No. Bit by bit Jesus is being removed:

    It is good for us to consider the work that is involved in making sure that we receive this regular flow of healthy spiritual provisions. The Writing Committee of the Governing Body oversees the process of researching, writing, proofreading, illustrating, and translating our printed publications as well as material posted on our Web site.

    Really? As Jesus was king I would have thought that he oversaw such matters...

    GB 2.0 are replacing Jesus more and more.

  • slimboyfat

    This is true. It's remarkable how much the GB talks about themselves these days and how little they talk about the Bible.

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah its the ORG and all about the ORG all the time, I would say 50% of the Watchtower study articles have been about the ORG.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I've heard some long timers say that 'the truth just isn't the same anymore.' They say it's much less personal and about people.

    I converted in the late 90's and even since then I've noticed the noose getting tighter. It was one of the things that led me to question, and led to TTATT.

    Read some books about the FLDS or North Korea. When I did, it was all eerily familiar.

  • TheOldHippie

    I do not have the time or interest to look it up - although I am sure it would only take me 27 seconds - but is it not a "classic" in organizational theory, that after the initial growth and enthusiasm and vigour and all that, they tend to grow stiff, to be more and more interested or oriented at looking after itself, to look inwardly in stead of outwardly, and that one of the signs of this is that they use more and more time to study their own history and maintain their heritage?

    Many organizational history WT studies these days. I miss the two kings, the roaring ocean and the pouring out of wrath.

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