JWs still in that believe and are lurking

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  • cognac

    Just wanted to say hi. I was there once. I understand how you may feel.

    I remember lurking here years ago cause I didn't want to tell the elders on myself and have a judicial committee if I could figure a way out of it. I came on here, was very careful on what I'd allow myself to read, talked to somebody on here who was currently an elder and thought to myself, "Well, I could have been in his hall and he is technically an elder and forgave me. Soooo, it's out of my hands now and is the elders fault if he's wrong." I could finally let it go...

    When I came back as Cognac I didn't even realize this was the site I was on that time. It finally dawned on me when I went on an old email address I had.

    ANYWHO, just wanted to say hi. If you want to talk about what is on your mind, feel free.... Hope to hear from you!!!

  • Mum

    Hi, lurkers. Hope you are learning a lot from this site.

  • whathappened

    Lurkers are taking their first steps to learning the truth about the truth and we are here to help you and support you. It takes courage but it is worth it.

  • Badfish

    I bet being in and yet lurking here is like being offered the red pill and the blue pill on the Matrix.

    You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth - nothing more.

  • Rufus T. Firefly
    Rufus T. Firefly

    Lurkers lurk because they know that most current JWs know it is not "the truth," but they don't know how to leave the only way of life they have ever known. The only ones who still believe it is "the truth" are those who aren't too bright to begin with.

    And I mean that in the nicest possible way. (You can say anything you want as long as you add that last sentence.)

  • HarryMac

    We were all lurkers once man!

    ^Best hippy voice.

  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    I suspect they lurk because many are gathering data, researching, reading, studying the material and content and comparing it with what they think they know or are told. I suspect too that there is a not a little envy at the freedom of thought, expression, debate and discussion in this forum. Something not to be found where they are.

  • joe134cd

    Yeah Im a lurker to. Im just trying to work out a way of doing it (e.g leaving) with the least possible amount of friction and with out getting the big "D".

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Hi cogac...long time no see. I have been out since 2007, but lurked here ss an elder....

    So long ago

    Snakes...typing poorly on a tablet

  • Simon

    We were all lurkers once...

    Wait, no - I'm the only one that never got a chance to lurk first! Oh the humanity...

    Seriously, whoever is reading ... we've all been where you are. Its OK to be having doubts about things - there are lots of gaps and issues the more you dig. But there are people who've already been through it all and can help. You owe it to yourself not to waste your life or risk your family.

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