This Year's "Millstone Awards." A gala event.

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  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Luke 17:2 -- " It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. "

    What exdub, when he/she was a dub, has NOT been "stumbled" by their loving fellow dubs? According to WTS doctrine, those who cause others to stumble in their faith deserve death. I've read some outstanding accounts here of upright, true-blue dubs who stumbled others (and often kicked them for good measure) without missing a second's worth of sleep.

    Even though they'll be punished (according to their own doctrine), that level of callousness deserves to be held up and admired for all to see right now. This thread is designed to be the Academy Awards for dubs who never gave a damn about those in their care.

    The categories: Best Dub Stumbler - Parents. Best Dub Stumbler - Elders. Best Dub Stumbler - Friends. Other categories will be created as needed.

    Formal attire only.

    This year, I nominate my mother to receive The Millstone Award for the Best Dub Stumbler in the Parents category. She set a superb example of intolerance and abuse for me and my sibs. She was more terrible to me than Jehovah himself. I lived in constant fear of her judgement, which was swift and severe.

    Any other nominations?

    (Note: This is my thread. I pick the winners. )

  • WingCommander

    In the category of "Best Dub Stumbler: Elders", I'd like to nominate Elder Couldntgiv2sheets.

    This loving pillar of the JW community who we previously had respect for, finished off ANY faith I had whatsoever in the "Princes Among Men" and the entire JW Cult with his actions. How so? In 2006 while my JW mother of 25 years lay dying from a failed liver transplant at the UVa, I called him up in our time of need to see if he could offer up some scriptural and emotional support and come to see my mother. Apparently by his huff when answering the phone, I interupted his supper. How dare I!!!! He informed me that I should contact the local congregation Elders at the location of this hospital, and have THEM come console my dying mother. **CLICK** As I sat alone in my car in the parking garage of the UVa Hospital, jaw on my lap, staring at the cell phone in my hand, I truly felt any last sense of respect for this Cult posing as a pseudo-religion drain from my body. Never again would I set foot into a Kingdom Hall, and my mother's service was at funeral home.

    Not sure if this nomination is valid for deceased Elders, because in a strange twist of fate this incredibly "loving" El-duh was killed in a freak construction accident 2 years to the month after my mother. Maybe Karma awarded him already?

    - Wing Commander

  • Fernando

    I nominate the three bumbling musketeers and all their compadres of mid-2009.

    I thank them too for their staggering ignorance of and contempt for the "unabridged gospel" of grace.

    I thank them for their spiritually blind, confused, inebriated and insane condition.

    I thank them for their apostate legalism.

    I thank them for worshipping the VISIBLE golden calf (Sanhedrin) instead of Jesus.

    I thank them for all their slander and troublemaking (persecution).

    They opened our eyes to TATT like nothing before or after.

    They lose. My family wins.

    May their hopes and dreams go with them to Gehenna.

    (Why does the "true religion" secretly blind its followers to the "Good News" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi Parakeet,

    Sorry you were not able to pick your mother and that she was abusive. As a child I had hoped that I was adopted and wished my real parents would come pick me up, soon.

    Stumble. The Society says now if you are stumbled you are weak. How convenient the BSer Governing Body are.

    The GB are lying , controlling jerks of the first degree.

    They are millstones around humble people who believed everything they were told.

    7 million people, wake up!

    Sorry Parakeet, I have no one to nominate anymore. I did pretty good vomiting out all my hurts and sorrow in my first 500 posts or so.

    I am trying to live my best possible life now, without those millstones, those creeps in my life. It hurts but if you want to live, you post like you posted and share your hurt with us until you can heal up.

    I can come to your party, but I have no one to nominate anymore.

    Just Lois

  • 3rdgen

    Oooooh I love formal parties! Cocktails are even better! I'll have a Long Island iced tea please. I would like to nominate my parents for their contributions to the heap of straw(felt more like lead) on my back. Father was an authoritiarian alcoholic abusive overseer in the cult who moved constantly in order to buy property and fund KHs. I went to 13 schools. At least I hardly saw him. My mother was passive aggressive and IMPOSSIBLE to please. She was the most negative ungrateful joyless person I have ever known. Even when I was pioneering and married to an elder I wasn't doing enough in her eyes. If I bought something new i was materalistic. If I went on vacation, I was lazy, If I wore make up I looked liked a "streetwalker" As a child if I disagreed with her she told me I would have been stoned in Isrealite times. Under the catagory of Elders: My millstone award goes to the ones who secertly had phone conversations with my DFed ex husband. The ex made wild, unfounded accusations about my new JW elder husband and I. He was clearly criminally insane and yet the elders treated us as if we were on restrictions. They never had the guts to come to us to get our side bc they didn't want to admit that they got their info from a notorious liar, adulterer, drugdealer etc. Soon after we lost our "priveledges", hubby became ill. The elders refused to let him have phone tie in. They refused to kive us our KMs and magazines. They NEVER called to see how we were. We simply faded but still believed this was Gods org gone bad. Under the catagory of Governing body Its a tie between the GB member who proposistioned hubby when he was at beth-hell, the GB leader who had naked Bible discussions in the sauna with some of the "boys" at beth-hell(70's) Then there is themodern group who refused to pay back the money my ever so faithful mother conditionally loaned them. Over a period of 120 years my family had outright donated the equivelent of millions of $$$. (The family fortune) Then when mom was broke and we had bankrupted ourselves paying for her care we asked them to repay only the last $ 20,000so she could pay her hospital bill. 3 letters begging later, they refused to answer in print. Having connections at beth-hell hubby called the desk. The answer? yes we got the letters. No we didn't answer. you should get her on wellfare. This, from an org that doesn't pay taxes! (last straw) Thanks to you all! Without your millstones we would still be trying to measure up to your impossible and ever changing adjenda.

  • sooner7nc

    W. Davis of Min. Wells, Texas.

    The douchebag that woke my wife at 8:00am, knocked and refused to leave until she had to unhook herself from her dialysis machine, and then gave her the 3rd degree for 45 minutes about rumors that I was going to force blood on her based on lies from a c*** of an old lady who worked for me at the hospital.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    After reading your posts, I feel I must change from my ballgown to sackcloth. All I can think of is Neil Young's line -- "Oh, the damage done."

    All of the nominees win the Millstone Award, with an extra-special heavy award to the WTS.

    Party's over.

  • stillin

    Am I stylishly late to the party?

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