Did holy spirit reveal INVISIBLE presence doctrine to C.T. Russell as the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

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  • Terry

    I'm starting a new thread shortly on additional aspects of FALSE ANOINTING among the Governing Body and what implications are carried with that. Hint: Anti-Christ also means "instead of" anointed.

  • pixel

    Thanks Terry for info and link!

  • sarahsmile

    Luthern had these types of new thinkers put to death by writing the King of England because they were out of control. I wish I could remember the groups name starts with a Z. Lol. I wanted to know who were the first to be the end of world, signs of times, and Christ presence. These people were way before their time and out there. First time people express their views. They were murdered for free thinking.

    Sir Issac Newton love his writings. He was the one who said that God uses perfect numbers regarding the original temple number,Jersualem. Later, crazy Russell and Smyth use his thought for an inch for a year for pyramidology. I had a big laugh connecting the dots. Allso, Issac Newton past president of the college where Russel's was rejected as quackery science. Him and many more racing to combine science with bibical God perfect figure,numbers. The borrowed statement Newton made an empty tomb. Jehovahs Witnesses do not understand that is how 1915 or 1914 originally came from. Manipulate all they want Daniels but they can not change 1915. How anyone could believe 1914.

    Anyhow thinks Terry for Sir Issac Newton bringing him back to my mind!

  • Terry

    Later, crazy Russell and Smyth use his thought for an inch for a year for pyramidology.

    Not even that. A "pyramid inch" is a totally made up increment not equal to an actual inch.

    Reputedly: one twenty-fifth of a "sacred cubit", 1.00106 imperial inches, or 2.5426924 centimetres.

  • Phizzy

    Good stuff Terry ! fascinating to see that Russell was simply a plagiarist with not one original idea.

    The WT wishing to distance themselves from his looney-toons writings and ramblings is no surprise, and as you say, is a precurser to their distancing themselves from 1914, which they have to do as time marches on.

    The problem I see with this for them is that the choosing of Rutherford and Cronies makes less sense, (not that it makes ANY sense really), if there is no connection to Russell and little to 1914. So how does the present day GB claim the "Mantle" ?

    Surely more and more JW's are going to question the obvious self-appointment, and its total lack of supporting evidence ?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Isaac Newtown figured the end will come in 2060? I mean, he had more brains in his little finger than the current GB combined. I know who I'd rather trust. So quit wasting your life pioneering and get to University young ones! (And get laid while you're at it).


  • designs

    How long before 'Christ's invisible presence' goes away.

  • Terry

    How long before 'Christ's invisible presence' goes away.

    That is a fair question. How long will Joseph Smith's mythology be spread over the world? How long will Marx and Lenin's ideology be embraced?

    IDEAS are powerful things. The more they promise the more they demand of their believers.

    The greater the failure in forcing these schemes the more determined the half-mad true-believer becomes.

    The world can never rid itself of megalomanical sociopaths. Statistically, they are about 2 out of every hundred people.

    When one of them get ahold of a holy book or a political ideal and a printing press: WATCH OUT!

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