Stephen Lett admits income/expenditure shortfall as he reminds Witnesses to donate “valuable things”

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    None of us ultimately know the financial status of the Dark Tower. As some of us have pointed out previously, many of their actions are typical of organizations facing a cash flow problem. Closing branches, convention centers, etc. and consolidating others suggests this. The streamlining of the org. (COs, DOs, etc.) does as well. The greedy grab for the congregations' accounts also strongly suggests a reactionary fear based mentality, as does the commitment from each congregation about 'donations' that I've read about here. Reducing and eliminating conventions is another tip, as they used to be cash cows to the Dark Tower. Reducing or eliminating these suggests the till isn't as full and they are either costing them $, they have found a 'break even' point or a point where they can maximize the profitability of each. If the conventions were continuing to be extremely profitable, they wouldn't be reducing their numbers or lengths.

    Throw in the potential costs of the abuse lawsuits and the Dark Lords may be operating in fear mode.

    Some point out the large real estate sales as evidence the Dark Tower is financially strong. They seem to be re-investing' this in other brick and mortar, so a lot of this may simply be a transfer. Even if they are squirreling it away, organizations avoid using capital gains for day to day operational and maintenance expenses. Doing so suggests a very weak financial position.

    That's where they appear to be hurting. Good for them. The rank and file should stop donating. Completely.

  • Vidiot

    Despite what a lot of other people here think, I still enjoy Cedars' writing.

    This bit in particular gave me a chuckle:

    "If this amounts to a 'historic' development, then either Lett is shaky on what 'historic' means, or anything new that happens anywhere to anyone can have the same superlative applied.

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